Miss Taken
start by asking your psychotic ex,” she mumbled, sitting up and wincing. Her arm clearly hurt.
    “We can talk to her shortly.” He had Bastien bring Melissa to his shed and chain her to keep her from shifting.
    “She’s here?” Kira looked around.
    “Yes, but I don’t think you should be moving around just yet,” Luna said softly. “You’ve been hurt.”
    Kira nodded. “Feels like someone stabbed my arm with a hot poker.”
    “That’s usually what being shot feels like.” Bastien laughed walking in to the room. “Luke, the nutjob lioness is in the shed on ice. Literally.” He winked at Kira.
    Luke needed to calm down before he saw Melissa again. She’d been ready to attack Kira. The thought alone sent his lion into a killing frenzy. He needed to know what Melissa knew.
    People didn’t start shooting in Raging Falls. Luke didn’t have any enemies. He might be strict with his pride, but he was fair. They knew where they stood with him. There wasn’t another pride nearby to cause problems. The others living in Raging Falls were friends. Every leader knew they could talk to him.
    “We’ve never had shootings in the Falls,” Luke said, meeting Kira’s gaze. “Until now.”
    She bit her lip and tried to stand. He rushed to her side, helping her to her feet. “I want to see Melissa.”
    “We might as well talk to her. See what she says.”
    Luke helped Kira out of the cabin and to the smaller building behind the house he used for wood storage. Melissa was shackled to a chair, glaring at them. She hissed at Kira, baring her human teeth.
    “Why are you here, human?” Her eyes were golden with her lioness’s power. She met Luke’s gaze and snorted. “You want answers. Ask her.”
    “Ask me?” Kira asked, confused. “Are you fucking crazy? You think I know who shot me?”
    Melissa didn’t look away from Luke. “She came here to get Raging Falls,” she spat. “She owns Rakida Construction. She wants to find out who owns this land and she fucked you just to get her way.”
    Luke’s gaze jerked to Kira. The shock and guilt he saw in her face spoke for her. Coldness filled his heart.
    “That’s not how it happened,” Kira said, turning to look at him. “I do own it, but I have no say in matters.” She clung to his arm. “I didn’t come here to get anyone to sell. I came to speak to the owners.” She ground her teeth. “This isn’t coming out right.”
    Melissa laughed. “That’s because there’s no truth to your lies. Using hired mercenaries as a scare tactic to get your way,” she rumbled. “That’s the kind of mate you want?”

    Kira’s anger shot through the roof. “Hang on a fucking second, here. I didn’t lie at any point,” she said, facing Luke.
    He narrowed his eyes. “So you don’t own Rakida Construction?”
    “Technically, I do. But I don’t get to make decisions until I’m married or turn forty. Those are the rules in my father’s will.” She sighed. “I didn’t come here looking to get anyone to sell anything.” She rubbed a hand over her temple and threw Melissa another glare. The bitch kept smiling and she was so close to slapping the smirk off her face.
    “Maybe you should talk in the cabin,” Luna offered.
    “I demand to be let loose, Luke,” Melissa screeched. “If this whore can be loose, then so can I.”
    Kira made a move only to get pulled back by Luke. “Who are you calling a whore? You psycho bitch.”
    “Do you honestly think you can take me on?” Melissa laughed. “Your days are numbered.”
    The crazy lioness was threatening her. Luke growled at Melissa. “Watch your mouth. I can leave you tied in here until I feel otherwise.”
    “I killed a hunter for you!” She gave Kira a deathly glare. “I defended him. I saved him when someone was ready to shoot him. What can you do for him? Nothing. You useless human.” She glanced at Luke. “I will always have your back, Luke.”
    “You tried to attack Kira. I

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