Make Me Yours

Make Me Yours by B. J. Wane

Book: Make Me Yours by B. J. Wane Read Free Book Online
Authors: B. J. Wane
Tags: Erótica
practically poured down her throat, before being carried upstairs and tucked into bed.
    Morgan fell asleep alone, but woke when Jack joined her several hours later. Cuddling next to his hard body, she quickly fell back asleep.

Chapter Six
    Jack carefully picked up Morgan’s left hand, raised it above her head and attached the wrist cuff loosely, pleased that she had not woken yet. She had come so beautifully last night while restrained he wanted to see her do it again, and again. Damn if she hadn’t surpassed all his hopes already by not only enjoying his sexual preferences, but embracing them wholeheartedly. Her soft moan when she shifted as he cuffed her right wrist made him harden further. Since he refrained from taking her again last night, he was more than ready to feel her tight sheath clasping his dick again. But first, he needed to finish binding her. Gently lifting her left leg, he wrapped a larger cuff around her thigh and tightened the strap, leaving her leg bent and pulled to the side. After doing the same with her right leg, he sat back and viewed his handiwork. Knees bent and spread, hips lifted, she was open and ready for his use.
    Running his hands over her legs, he bent down and took a slow lick up her pussy, eliciting another soft moan from her. “Wake up, Princess. It’s time to play.” Using his thumbs, he pulled her smooth folds further apart, revealing the pink, wet walls of her pussy. “You’re so pretty, Morgan, pretty enough to eat.” Another deep stroke of his tongue had her eyes flying open and her hips jerking against his mouth. Chuckling, he murmured, “There you are,” before diving back in to feast on her succulent flesh.
    Morgan woke quickly at the feel of Jack’s mouth on her pussy, his beard against her tender skin, and instinctively tried to lower her arms to grasp him any where she could. When she couldn’t budge them, her arousal shot up even higher. Who would have ever thought that being immobile during sex could be so exciting? When Jack’s fingers joined his tongue in her pussy, she again strained towards his mouth, whimpering in frustration and unfulfilled need. “Jack, Master, please.”
    Jack looked up at her lush breasts as they jiggled with her failed efforts before moving up to her flushed face. “I like hearing you beg almost as much as I like hearing you come. Come for me now, Morgan.”
    “Oh, God,” Morgan groaned when he delved into her again, wasting no time using his tongue, teeth and fingers to bring her to a shattering climax. The strong suction of his lips on her clit had her shaking, the small bite of his teeth had her screaming and the deep strokes of his fingers had her coming apart over and over until she couldn’t tell when one orgasm stopped and another began.
    Jack moved up her slick body, stopping to suckle her hard little nipples before taking her mouth in a hard kiss. Morgan could taste herself on his tongue as she kissed him back greedily, forgetting to breathe as their lips dueled for possession. Moaning into his mouth, she licked every essence of herself from his tongue before doing the same with his lips, loving the feel of his whiskers against her cheeks.
    “You’ve got a very talented tongue, Princess. Why don’t you show me what else you can do with it?”
    Smiling, she replied, “I’d love too,” before opening eagerly to take his cock.
    Jack straddled her face, grabbed the headboard between her restrained arms and dipped his cock into her mouth, cursing as her lips wrapped tightly around him and her tongue explored every inch of his dick. Careful not to go too deep, he dipped in and out of her mouth, the feel of her sucking strongly as if she didn’t want to let him go when he pulled back almost making him lose his wad right then. “Fuck, you’re good at this. I’d be jealous if I wasn’t enjoying your obvious experience so much.”
    Morgan could tell him she had very little experience in giving head simply because she had

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