Love's Autograph

Love's Autograph by Michele M. Reynolds

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Authors: Michele M. Reynolds
manager took care of them,” Ellie answered.
    Ria laughed, “You said you would be honest!” She slapped Ellie in the arm. Ellie shrugged.
    “ I guess I might be a liar too. Write that in your book,” Ellie said.
    “ Parents?”
    “ Yes.”
    “ Tell me about them,” Ria said.
    “ They live in a small town in Pennsylvania. They tolerate me being a lesbian. They have a small farm, go to church and are very charitable people. They have big hearts,” Ellie said.
    “ How often do you see them?” Ria asked.
    “ I don't know, once a year maybe. We talk on the holidays. They’re not big talkers on the phone,” Ellie said. “Is that how it is with your parents?”
    “ No, not at all. My parents are great. My Dad is great he—. You almost got me. This is about you, mystery woman. Why can't I find anything on you for real?”
    “ I changed my name a while back. A lot of artists do that to protect their families and friends. That way, hopefully for me, there will always be a part of me that's untouched by the media.”
    “ What's your other name?” Ria asked.
    “ Not to be told,” Ellie said.
    “ Oh, interesting,” Ria said. “So, have you always wanted to be a musician?”
    “ No, now this is an interesting story. When I was in high school I had this crush on this girl. She was so sweet. She was actually homecoming queen, but not the kind of homecoming queen people think about. She wasn't stuck-up and didn’t act like she was better than everyone else. She was beautiful, very laid-back, and funny. One day I overheard her talking about how much she loved music. She said how she dreamed of one day someone serenading her with a guitar and all.”
    Ria asked, “You didn't?”
    “ I did. But don't worry I didn't do it in front of a big crowd or anything. So, I used all my money to buy this used acoustic guitar, and learned a handful of chords. As my fingers were recouping from all the practice, I wrote lyrics. So I practiced, recorded the song so I could see how I sounded, and practiced some more. I never thought it was good enough, but high school graduation was coming up and I was running out of time. One Friday night three weeks before graduation, I went to her house. Her bedroom window was in the back of the house on the second floor. I came prepared and threw small, round hard candies at her window.”
    “ Candy?” Ria asked.
    “ Yes. Anyway, so it was classic, her light came on, her window flew open and I started playing. I was concentrating so much on the chords and the words that I didn't notice that lights were turned on next to Natalie's window. Natalie looked down, and had a token mercy smile on her face.”
    “ And?” Ria asked.
    “ And then when I was done, her mother’s voice called down. She said, 'Ellie, Ellie is that you?' I froze. I looked up at Natalie whose face had turned to fear. Natalie moved her hand in a motion trying to shoo me away. I, with guitar in hand, ran out of her yard. I was hurdling hedges and generally tripping over things in the yard. I ran all the way home,” Ellie said.
    “ Oh, that's horrible. That's horrible,” Ria said.
    “ What was even worse is that I forgot I drove there and parked a few houses away. I dropped my guitar off at home, so that I could run back to the scene of the crime to retrieve my car,” Ellie added, as she laughed at her youthful blunder.
    “ So, did she ever talk to you again?” Ria asked.
    “ Well, the worst part of the story isn't over. Her family was Mormon. Her dad ended up coming to my house. I watched as her father and my father talked in the front yard. Her father pointed to the sky, pointed to the ground, pointed at the house and at times raised his voice. My dad nodded and Natalie’s father gave him some papers. He walked in the house and threw the papers on the table by the door. My heart was in my throat.”
    “ Did your dad know you were a lesbian?” Ria asked.
    “ I didn't even know I was. I didn't go so far into my

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