Lisa: April (Mystic Zodiac Book 4)

Lisa: April (Mystic Zodiac Book 4) by Brandy Walker

Book: Lisa: April (Mystic Zodiac Book 4) by Brandy Walker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brandy Walker
and pancakes for her. “This is a nymph sanctuary. At least right now. Each room on this floor is water themed of some sort. I snagged the biggest one for us.”
    A soft smile curved his mouth. “This wasn’t in your plan previously?”
    “No.” She shoved a forkful of pancakes in her mouth to keep from saying more. She’d wanted to surprise him with something special.
    She woke up early and made all of the arrangements. It helped that Paul was one of her best friends and able to secure everything so quickly. She would pay a pretty penny for it, more than her entire week at the resort, and she only had the room for a couple hours. She hoped it would be worth the exorbitant price in order to show Jack exactly who she was. To see if he liked not just the efficient woman who helped with his daily life, but the nymph as well.
    The nymph didn’t like scheduling meetings or typing reports. She didn’t like waking up at the crack of dawn in order to get to work on time and have everything set up and ready for him. Her nymph side wanted to sleep and laze about. Nibble on snacks and find more pleasurable pursuits. She wanted sex and fun. Nightlife and dancing.
    Jack devoured the eggs faster than anything he’d ever eaten. He wasn’t even sure he’d tasted it but fuck if that mattered. Lisa had arranged the excursion last minute for them to share. A special surprise with him in mind. It told him he meant more than a week of fucking.
    “It’s fantastic. It feels like we’re on a tropical island.” He took a drink of orange juice and looked around again. It truly was amazing what they did in the room, and it made him curious to see what else there was.
    “That was the point. Relaxing without all of the travel.”
    His snort came out unplanned. “I know how much you abhor that.”
    “Exactly!” Her plush lips wrapped around the fork as she polished off her pancakes. Damn he wanted between them again. He wanted to feel the heat of her mouth as she took his dick to the root. Her silky, smooth lips drag across his heated flesh. He’d thoroughly enjoyed it the night before.
    Impulsively, he stood, kicking off his shoes and shucking his restrictive clothing. He glanced at the suit she’d handed him. It was sweet of Lisa to get it, but he wouldn’t need it. Why would he want to put clothes on when he planned on taking them right off?
    Whatever she had in mind bringing him here, he wanted to get down to it. He eyed her where she sat perched on her wicker chair. Her eyes roamed hungrily over him, snagging on his obvious erection. The smirk pulling at his lips couldn’t be avoided. Satisfaction lit through him knowing she liked his body. Hell, he liked hers too, especially naked.
    For the last three years, he’d done nothing but ogle her when she wasn’t looking. Unprofessional…sure, but not as bad as hitting on her would have been the second she walked into his office that first day. He was proud of the fact he’d kept his hands to himself for as long as he did.
    “Come on, babe. I want to check out the water and get your naked, wet body against mine.” He held out his hand and waited for her to take it.
    Slowly she rose from her seat. With the flick of her wrist, the sundress she wore dropped around her feet. She stood before him in a tiny pair of black panties, if you could even call them that. There wasn’t enough material to make a coat for a mouse. He liked it.
    Placing her hand in his, he tipped his head. “Those too.”
    She rolled her eyes and let go of his hand. She wiggled out of the scrap and tossed them on top of her dress. “Better?”
    “Almost,” he said, his voice on the husky side. Pulling her to him, he wrapped an arm around her waist and tilted her head up with his free hand. He kissed her softly, letting his mouth linger on hers. Her breathy gasp captured by his lips as he deepened the kiss. Pouring as much passion and need into it as he could. He couldn’t tell her how he felt, not yet.

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