Light My Fire (Rock Royalty Book 1)

Light My Fire (Rock Royalty Book 1) by Christie Ridgway

Book: Light My Fire (Rock Royalty Book 1) by Christie Ridgway Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christie Ridgway
"It's just... I know you better now and it makes it weird."
    "I see. You'd be more comfortable being sexually mentored by a complete stranger."
    "No!" Her palms slid over her thighs. "It's that..."
    "What?" He crossed his arms over his chest. "It's that now we're better acquainted you're no longer attracted to me?"
    "Of course not. And how do you know I was attra—" She bit off the rest of the sentence as another blush bloomed on her face. "You're tying me in knots."
    Seemed fair, after those long hours of torture the night before. But her embarrassed expression made him relent and he leaned near. "FYI, baby, you've got to know I'm attracted right back."
    Cilla froze. "Um... Well..."
    "But it's all good. You don't want my mentoring, it's fine by me."
    "Lady's choice," he said, and chucked her under the chin.
    She swallowed. "So you're fine?"
    "Perfectly." Or he would be, once he found some way to get rid of the sexual frustration pulsing in his blood. The anticipation of getting down and dirty with sweet Cilla had been building inside of him from the moment she'd mentioned it.
    Or perhaps from the second he'd woken up and glimpsed her nipples pressing against a black cotton Byrds T-shirt.
    "I wonder what the Speckleman twins are doing tonight," he mused.
    "Ren!" She slapped at his chest with the flat of her hand and he caught it, holding it against him.
    He had no idea why. Just as he had no idea why the thud of his heart against her palm made her gaze fly to his. They stared at each other and then her fingers were curling into his shirt, taking the fabric into her fist so she could drag his head toward hers.
    Then they kissed.
    At the first press of her lips to his, he felt that fire surge through him again. But he stayed still for the burn, allowing it to sweep through his bloodstream as Cilla's mouth moved on his. When her tongue delicately touched his bottom lip, Ren moved, curling his arm around her, sinking his fingers in the hair at the back of her head, sliding his tongue into the wet, heated cavern of her mouth.
    She went boneless again, melting into him as she had before. He drew her closer, his arm sliding down to her hips to tilt her against the growing stiffness of his cock. Her free hand clutched at his shoulder and her tongue tangled with his as he deepened the kiss. A tremor ran through her and it made the flight of the blood in his veins more urgent. She was shaking with desire and something as simple as that unpeeled a layer from his hard, jaded soul.
    His fingertips slid beneath her tight top at the small of her back and when he found her damp, heated flesh, he groaned into her mouth. Just that small touch made his cock throb. She squirmed in his hold, her belly rubbing against his hardness. With another groan, he angled his head to change up the kiss, this time sucking her tongue into his mouth.
    Cilla moaned, her fingernails digging into his shoulder.
    He shoved his hand farther up her shirt, so his entire palm covered the small of her back. The skin was silky beneath his rougher flesh and he pressed the heel of his hand into her spine, forcing their bodies closer as the kiss went wild.
    Finally needing air, Ren tore his mouth away and lifted his head for a breath. Movement over her shoulder caught his attention. "Hell," he said scowling. Through the windows he could see the pool guy and his assistant, both of them staring through the glass in apparent fascination.
    Cilla glanced back, saw what he did, and broke away from him. "Oops." Her face was pink and her clingy top was askew, giving him a glimpse of a slice of her pale belly.
    He reached over, tugged it straight, then grabbed her hand. "Let's get out of here."
    The morning air felt cool against his heated skin. He gave a nod to the pool people, noting that Cilla was thoroughly inspecting the toes of her running shoes. She kept her gaze on them until they reached the entrance to Gwen's cottage. Inside, she broke free of him again and made

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