KILLIAN: A Mafia Romance (The Callahans Book 2)

KILLIAN: A Mafia Romance (The Callahans Book 2) by Glenna Sinclair

Book: KILLIAN: A Mafia Romance (The Callahans Book 2) by Glenna Sinclair Read Free Book Online
Authors: Glenna Sinclair
his erection pressing seductively against me. I groaned, pretending I wasn’t prepared for another go round despite the fact that my belly fluttered with need at just that simple touch. I moved my hips just right, and he slid inside of me, nestling there like he always belonged there. He groaned, his hands gripping my ass, tugging me where he needed me, moving me against him until those waves of pleasure began to rush up and down the length of my spine.
    Despite my protests, it was late before we finally pulled ourselves away from the solitude of the bed sheets and made our way back to the city.
    “Stay with me,” I whispered against his lips when he kissed me goodbye.
    “If I do, you’ll never go to work tomorrow.”
    “I’m beginning to think that doesn’t really matter anymore.”
    He groaned, but he did follow me inside, wrapping me in his arms as we fell, exhausted, into bed.
    Revenge was coming. But was there anything wrong with enjoying myself a little before that?

Chapter 12
    She actually smiled when she saw me standing at the coffee pot. She came over and slipped between the counter and me. Her lips, freshly covered in gloss, slid over my chin.
    She didn’t seem to mind when I kissed it off.
    “Valentine’s Day is coming up,” she said softly this morning, sliding her hand under my t-shirt. “We should go down to the farm house for the weekend.”
    “Are you sure you can spare the time?”
    Her eyebrow cocked. “I’ll make the time.” She kissed me again, then slipped away, gathering her things.
    These had been the best three weeks of my life. I couldn’t imagine anything better.
    We sat together on the train as we’d fallen into the habit of doing, whispering to each other. She liked to make guesses about the relationships of the other people on the train. We made a competition of it. She owed me three steak dinners and a hundred bucks so far.
    We were careful in front of her building. Sara knew that she was my sister. We didn’t want to raise any eyebrows by kissing in front of the building. It was hard to watch her walk away, but it was always a pleasure to watch her walk away.
    This day was like all the others. I settled in the diner across the street, pulling out my laptop and running through some of the PR releases my department was running back in Boston. I normally did this at night when Stacy was safely tucked into her apartment, but now that we had other things to do at night, it seemed more practical to work during the day. I had the software on my phone that told me where Stacy was every second, so there really was no reason for me to be parked in front of her building, anyway.
    MCorp was solid, as always. There’d been no new acquisitions in the past few months, but that was because the company was still dealing with the changes that came when we bought up that pizza franchise months ago. That was good, good for me. Less to worry about back at the office. I was anxious to get back there the first few weeks I was here, but I was beginning to settle into the routine of telecommuting. And after the last few weeks with Stacy…I thought I might be content to remain here for quite a long time.
    I was watching Stacy and a few of her coworkers cross the wide sidewalk in front of their building as they found a bench to settle on and share their lunch. She was laughing at something someone had said. I didn’t like how vulnerable she seemed, but I was glad to see her so relaxed. The first week or two here, she never left the building, never really interacted with anyone else. But now…it was great to see her slowly returning to the girl she once was.
    Ian always seemed to know when the perfect moment came to interrupt me. My phone buzzed, and his familiar voice slid over the miles to me.
    “How’s New York, brother?”
    “Big and noisy.”
    He laughed. “Then you’ll be happy to learn that Pops has decided the threat against Stacy is no longer credible. He wants you to come

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