KILLIAN: A Mafia Romance (The Callahans Book 2)

KILLIAN: A Mafia Romance (The Callahans Book 2) by Glenna Sinclair Page B

Book: KILLIAN: A Mafia Romance (The Callahans Book 2) by Glenna Sinclair Read Free Book Online
Authors: Glenna Sinclair
whole distance makes the heart grow fonder bullshit is just that, bullshit.”
    “Then I won’t go.”
    She laughed again as she tugged away from me. She went into the bathroom and slammed the door so hard that the walls rattled. They could probably feel it upstairs. I stood there for a moment, not sure what I should do. But I knew. I’d always known it would come down to this. I grabbed my bag from the closet and began throwing my things into it. Better to rip the Band-Aid away in one, quick motion than to do it a little bit at a time.
    I was nearly done when she opened the bathroom door.
    She didn’t say anything. She just watched, her eyes wide and filled with the same sort of grief I’d seen in them the day she came to live with our family. I dropped the bag and went to her, pushing her back against the sink. We kissed, and it was more than it had been before. My very soul ached with the knowledge that this could be the last time.
    “Marry me,” I said, whispering the words before I even knew I was going to say them. “Marry me and no one can keep us apart.”
    She touched the side of my face, her beautiful eyes filled with tears again. “Are you sure?”
    “More than I’ve ever been about anything.”
    She made a sound that was a mixture of a chuckle and a moan. She wrapped her arms and her legs around me, forcing me to lift her to the sink. We kissed again, our hands tearing and pulling at one another. I wasn’t even sure if she’d said yes, or if she was just trying to let me down easily. But then it didn’t seem to matter as her hands tugged at the front of my jeans and her fingers wrapped themselves around me and pleasure exploded from every nerve ending, my knees threatening to give out on me as I pushed her back, kissing her as deeply as I could manage.
    I couldn’t give her up. I couldn’t leave her. If we got married, Pops would have to accept our relationship. And she’d have to come to Boston with me and start her life over again. She could go back to school and do the things she’d wanted to do before Davis died.
    Things would be the way they were supposed to be now and no one could change that.

Chapter 13
    It was all going exactly as I had hoped it would, but it was moving so much faster than I’d thought.
    “We could find a justice of the peace. Or fly to Vegas.”
    “I don’t want to go to Vegas.”
    “Okay. What about Atlantic City?”
    I groaned, rolling away from him on the bed. “A girl only gets one wedding,” I said, as I got up and padded to the window. “The least you could do is let me have a proper official marry us.”
    “Like who?”
    “A priest.”
    “But it would take weeks to find a priest willing to do it.”
    “What’s the rush? Pops can wait.”
    I turned back to him, leaning my naked ass against the window. “If you’re really serious about this, you’ll give me what I want.”
    He got up and came to me, lifting me in his arms like a father carrying his sleepy child back to bed. He rained kisses over my face, sighing as he pulled back to look at me.
    “I’ll call Ian in the morning and see if we can sneak out a week. But we shouldn’t expect more than that.”
    “I can work with a week.”
    He kissed me, but then his belly grumbled hard enough that I could feel it against mine.
    “Sorry,” he murmured. “But I’m starving.”
    “Me, too.” I nibbled at his neck. “Do you think we could sustain ourselves on this?”
    “No. But there’s an all-night deli a couple of blocks down the street.”
    “Sounds good.”
    He smiled, stealing a kiss before he climbed off of me. He moved around the room, gathering his clothes where they were scattered. I watched him, admiring the way his body moved. I think we’d both lost a little weight recently, spending more time in bed than at the kitchen table. But it wouldn’t matter soon enough.
    I slipped a bathrobe over my shoulders and walked him to the door, stealing one last kiss

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