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Authors: Amit Nangia
one of the few lawyers in town. He handled some legal affairs for us.”
    “And Girish? He was only…what, around twenty back then?”
    “Nineteen, but he was already part of a youth party. Mr Sinha was overseeing its legal executions.”
    The quickness of her reply struck him as odd, almost as if she’d practiced her response. Also, she seemed to have an answer for everything.
Chalak hai budhiya
, he thought.
    “Inspector Abhay Pandey, I hate to bring this up after what happened to the poor family, but I was withdrawing my accounts from Mr Sinha. There were rumours that hewas sharing confidential information to the opposition party. But when we stopped business with him, it might be possible that someone from the opposition party killed him as he didn’t provide the information even after taking money from them. And my family certainly couldn’t have had our name associated with someone like that,” the old woman said.
    Abhay studied the old woman. She was cunning and definitely out to protect her family. But at what cost? “And you think that might be the reason for his death?”
    “Who knows?” The woman toyed with the diamond rings on her hand. “Or perhaps someone found out and Mr Sinha was so distraught, he killed himself. Politics can be a vicious game…Or he was involved with the wrong people and they murdered him.”
    What a witch! Or rather a bitch. Abhay wanted to send Suchitra Devi to Shukla’s third degree cell. He thought that was the only place where this bitch would speak up. He imagined Shukla beating her up with his bamboo
    “Was your son Pradeep Chauhan here the night the Sinhas died?”
    “Oh, no. He was away on the campaign,” she said examining her nails. “But he came back right away to check on the child.”
    Abhay got up. He’d had enough of her and her crap. “Is your son here?”
    “No, he and Tara are hosting a charity event tonight.”
Kuch kaam bhi kar liya karo, bas charity function karte rehtey ho
. What about your grandson Girish?”
    Even though she was acting to be as cool as a cucumber, anxiety streaked Suchitra Devi Chauhan’s face for an instant. “He’s in his office, but I believe he’s busyat the moment. You could make an appointment with his secretary.”
Appointment toh mainey iss duniya mein aaney ka bhi nahi liya, bas aa gya
.” He snapped as he walked towards Girish’s office.
    Outside Girish’s office, he saw Girish’s secretary – a sexual fantasy of nineteen or twenty. She stopped him from entering inside. “You can’t go in without an appointment.”
    He observed the sexy secretary who was trying to stop him. His appraising glance covered everything from the top of her head to her tiny waist. It took in the expensive dress which she wore, and the gold necklace and earrings which seemed like expensive gifts given to her for some favours she would have bestowed on Girish.
    Sensing she was being observed, she tore her eyes away and heaved herself up out of the chair. Her eyes flickering curiously, she asked, “Girish sir is busy for this week. Should I book an appointment for next week?”
    All he was checking out were her nicely shaped breasts. He wondered how they would fit in his palms. Abhay looked at her breasts and then at junior, and then finally at her face.
    “I need to see Girish Chauhan,” he said as he moved towards the cabin door.
    “We do not accept walk-ins, under any circumstances, inspector.”
    “That’s good,” Abhay replied with a little heat. “But I am not asking you, just telling you baby.” He winked to her and walked past her and kicked open the door. “
Mera jab man chahey, mein tab wahan ja sakta hoon
. It’s better if you remember – I go where I feel like, when I feel like.” Abhay walked inside majestically, and made sure hisstatement was heard by Girish as it was intended more for him than for his sexy secretary.
    “Oh, it’s you inspector. I didn’t see you. What brings you here?”

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