Jasper by Faith Gibson

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Authors: Faith Gibson
said. “We are taking it slow, because that’s what you wanted. Forget the fact
we’re mates. You are part of the Stone Society now, whether you realize it or
not. When Dante told you the truth of Gargoyles, he brought you into the Clan.
You are his family. What you did for Matthew secured your place in Frey’s
family. Whether or not you accept the mate bond doesn’t matter. You are my
friend first, therefore you are my family.
don’t have to go tomorrow. If you decide to stay home, someone will need to
watch you. If it isn’t me, it will be someone else, and that means one of us
will miss Priscilla’s breakfast. Besides, Matt will be there, and I’m sure he’d
rather hang out with you than Connor and Amelia.” Jasper didn’t know what else
to say to convince Trevor to go. He wouldn’t make him, but he really wanted him
there by his side.
sighed and looked out the side window. Jasper released his hand and started the
car. He would give him time to think about it. They rode in silence all the way
back to Jasper’s. It wasn’t until they were in the house that Trevor said,
“Okay, I’ll go, but I don’t have anything to wear. I was expecting to lounge
around here playing video games.”
wanted to shout to the heavens; instead, he mentally did a fist pump. “We can
swing by your apartment on the way there. You know, you could always bring some
of your clothes here and leave them for occasions such as this.” He was
probably pushing it, but Jasper wanted to test the waters. Before they left for
the crime scene, Trevor would have probably said yes. Now, he wasn’t so sure.
wrapped his arms around his waist, keeping his back to Jasper. Jasper didn’t
give him space. He walked up behind his mate and wrapped his arms around him,
cocooning him. He placed soft kisses on Trevor’s cheek and temple, hoping to
transfer the feelings he had to his mate. He held Trevor for what seemed like
an eternity. He didn’t offer words of encouragement for their future. He didn’t
make promises, because he didn’t know exactly what to promise. Well, he did,
but Trevor wouldn’t believe him. Not yet.
turned around facing Jasper and slid his arms around his waist, planting his
face in Jasper’s neck. His heart was beating quickly, and Jasper could feel it in
his own chest. Something was definitely bothering Trevor, but Jasper was afraid
to find out what it was. Whatever Dante said to him caused this turmoil, and he
was ready to call him and find out what was said. Or, he could ask Trevor.
Jasper kept one hand around Trevor, anchoring to him, while the other rubbed
slow passes up and down his back.
don’t know what to do,” Trevor whispered. If Jasper wasn’t a Gargoyle, he
wouldn’t have heard the soft words.
what?” Jasper didn’t move away or push Trevor back so he could see his face
even though he wanted to. He continued running his hand over Trevor’s body in a
soothing manner.
Us. Dante said not to lead you on. Said if I was going to be with you I needed
to really be with you, not just play house. I don’t know if I can do that.”
wanted to throttle Trevor’s boss. Dante had no idea what was going on here or
how Jasper felt. He should have talked to Jasper before handing out advice.
“Dante’s intentions are good, but you and I need to handle our relationship in
a way that’s best for us. Both of us. I told you earlier, I want you in my
life. I need you in my life. If that means only as friends, and that’s
all you can give me, I’ll take it. I’m not going anywhere. If the day comes
when you finally realize what you mean to me and you decide you’re ready to
make it official, that would be the best thing that ever happened to me. Until
then, I will settle for whatever it is you can give me. There’s no one else I’d
rather hang out with. Even if you weren’t my mate, I’d still want to spend all
my free time with you. So don’t

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