Inky by JB Hartnett

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Authors: JB Hartnett
never saw anyone on the beach, even though it was still kind of early.
    Apparently, weed made me chatty.
    “Uh, you know I’ve never really been high with you before.” I waved away his offer of another hit from the pipe.
    “Then you must’ve been really high because I remember it like it was yesterday. You usually bring the pipe.”
    I decided to make a joke out of his certainty that I had been not only high with him on more than one occasion but that I’d also supplied said weed and pipe.
    “Evan, baby. Seriously, this is the first time I have ever smoked weed on the beach with you. Drinking? Yes. Getting high? No. You know it’s not my thing.” When he didn’t respond I continued, “I’m guessing you were the one that was really, really high.”
    I giggled, for no reason whatsoever but Evan’s entire body went rigid.
    “I’ve missed you, baby.” He said cupping my face in his hands and kissing my lips.
    “I missed you too. I’m so sorry Evan.”
    “It’s okay, baby.” What started as slow, light kisses on my jaw became explosive. This was not the familiar touch of Evan I’d grown accustomed to. This was more…everything; aggressive, desperate, hungry. The blanket fell around us as he pulled the collar of my tee, stretching it in an effort to gain access to my breasts. When this didn’t work, his long fingers started gently cupping one through the cotton but quickly turned to a squeeze, then a hard pinch of my nipple. His other hand was busy with the button of my jeans, pulling it away from the loop and shoving his hand between the crotch of my panties and the denim fabric where he groped me hard. I reacted with a gasp, first because it caught me off guard, being completely out of character of him and second because it was totally hot. I decided that marijuana and tequila might have to become something we do on our anniversary. Until that moment, I let him lead me to do whatever he wanted, at his mercy. I held on and enjoyed every minute of it. His mouth had been in my neck, breathing heavily with incoherent whispers on my skin when he spoke.
    “Say it.” He demanded.
    “Tell me, baby.” I replied. “What do you want me to say?”
    “You know, baby. You know…”
    I was forgetting something, something important to Evan and I had no idea what the hell it was. “You first, baby.” I said, “You say it first.” I hoped to God that worked.
    He pushed back from me with a jerk, so sudden I thought he was pissed off but I was wrong. With lightning speed he pushed his jeans down just enough to release himself and demanded, “Take me in your mouth and say it, baby.”
    I didn’t hesitate. This man was my fiancé, my friend and my lover. I didn’t care where we were or the chance of discovery. I just wanted him. As my mouth moved around the smooth tip, he grabbed my hair and pulled me down on him, forcing me to gag. I recovered quickly, thinking maybe the combination of weed and tequila wasn’t a good one for Evan when he asked me, “Say it, baby.”
    I slowed my efforts and moved away from him regaining control, stood up on the beach with unsteady legs and slowly pushed my jeans and panties down and off. He didn’t ask me to say anything after that. Less than a second later I was lying on top of the blanket, he was deep inside me and, oh…holy…God, it was incredible. Everything that happened in the last month was being erased in that moment. His motion was steady, almost keeping a rhythm with the waves. I kept my hands around his waist, guiding him in and out of me, never wanting it to end. I knew I was drunk and high but the feeling of being connected was like when we were first together. “Come for me, baby.” I loved when he talked dirty to me. “Come on baby.” I could feel my body begin its rise, matching Evan’s breathing and his own climb. He was getting louder and more vocal with each thrust. “Come on, baby…Come for me, baby…” I was completely lost in the moment and

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