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Authors: Willow Cross
That’s completely different.”
    “Oh whatever!  The only thing you want to find out about Ashley is how well she kisses.”
    Jason glared back.  “I already know the answer to that, thank you.”
    Sarah threw her arms out.  “This is insane.  You’re both lunatics.  He’s just a guy.  That’s all.  You two need to get a grip before you start thinking everyone is in on your conspiracy.”
    Thom shook his head and muttered something about teenagers and why he never had kids in the first place.  Outside a car pulled up and honked.  Sarah grabbed her purse from the kitchen table and headed out the door. 
    “He could have at least come in to meet us,” Thom yelled as the screen door slammed. 
    “Yeah, what kind of guy honks the horn for a girl to come running?” Jason chimed in.
    As she reached the front porch, she saw Shad standing on the passenger’s side holding the door open.  She quickly jumped in. “Let’s get going.  I need to get out of here.”
    Sarah remained quiet on the drive to town.  She was so angry with her uncle and brother it was difficult to think about anything else, even the handsome young man next to her.  Shad noticed she wasn't in a talkative mood, so he turned up the radio and waited.  As they neared the old movie theater, he reached out and turned the volume down. “If you don’t feel like going, we can wait.”
    “Oh no!  I want to go to the movies with you.  I’m just pissed off.  My brother and uncle can be such jerks.”
    “Yeah, I was worried that the age thing would bother them.”
    “No, it’s not so much your age…you’re only three years older than I am.  It’s just other crap.” Sarah saw the puzzled look on his face and decided it was time to pull herself together.  The last thing she needed was to explain to Shad why her family was prejudiced against Indians.  She put a smile on her face and patted his arm.  “It’s okay.  I’m fine, let’s just go have some fun.”
    “You sure?  You don’t seem like you’re in the mood to pay attention to the show.  Looks to me like you’d be happier just talking and hanging out.” 
    Sarah sighed.
    Shad nodded his head.  “It’s settled then.  I know a place where we can just hang out, listen to music, and get to know each other.”
    “Just talk, right?”  Sarah searched his face.
    He looked at her sideways.   “I’ve met the monster you call a brother, remember?”
    His smile showed amusement that didn‘t quite reach his eyes as he turned the truck around and headed out of town.
    Completely relaxed, Sarah lay on a threadbare blanket and watched puffy clouds drift lazily across the blue backdrop. Conversation had lulled, but the silence was comfortable.  An old seventies band softly sang about love and heartache from the truck radio.  She felt like she’d known Shad her whole life.  He was quick to laugh, but still paid close attention to what she had to say.  She needed a friend to confide in, someone she could tell everything, even the bad stuff.  Shad was totally interested in her.  He constantly asked questions about her family, and her life in foster care.  Sarah was certain Jason and Thomas would have found his curiosity threatening, but she was positive it wasn‘t.
    Shad took a blade of grass and ran it along her cheek, tickling her skin.  She turned toward him.
    He leaned over her, and gazed into her eyes. “Penny for your thoughts?”
    She looked away.  “I’m not really thinking about anything.”
    “You’re thinking about something.  Just a second ago you had a look on your face like something was bothering you.”
    Sarah thought for a moment and made a decision.   Tired of feeling so alone, she searched his face for any telltale signs of deceit or hidden emotion.  Reading nothing but concern, she said, “Can I ask you a weird question?”
    “Sure.  I might give you a weird answer though.”  He laughed and brushed a stray hair from her

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