In Search of a Memory (Truly Yours Digital Editions)

In Search of a Memory (Truly Yours Digital Editions) by Pamela Griffin

Book: In Search of a Memory (Truly Yours Digital Editions) by Pamela Griffin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Pamela Griffin
hat half her approximate three feet of height, stared up with china blue eyes, her hands balled on her hips. Blond ringlets spilled from beneath her hat to her tiny shoulders.
    “You can say that again—about not paying attention,” she huffed. “You two trying to mow a person down?”
    “Sorry!” Angel said. “We didn’t see you. That is, I mean…” She blushed furiously at her thoughtless words, but the woman only chuckled and lowered her hands.
    “That’s all right, honey. I expect if I were ten feet tall, you wouldn’t have seen me either, not with the way you two were staring at each other. So, you two are the new carnies I’ve been hearing so much about. Coming here together and pretending not to know one another?”
    “Oh, but we didn’t! It wasn’t how it looked—”
    “I got eyes.” The woman interrupted Angel’s flustered remark and winked. “My name’s Posey.” She struck up her hand. “As in pretty as a posy. That’s what my sweetheart says.” She smiled shyly, revealing two dimples.
    “I’m Angel.” She bent down to take the offered hand. The woman gave Angel’s a swift shake then turned to Roland, doing the same as he introduced himself.
    “Just don’t let Mahoney know there’s anything going on between you two, you being so new here and all. He’s still upset Germaine and Lionel left him high and dry.”
    “But really, we’re not together—”
    Posey looked beyond them. “Oh, there’s my sweetheart now!” She smiled. “Would you like to meet him?”
    “Of course,” Roland inserted, aware of Angel’s distress over the misconception of their relationship.
    A young man no taller than Posey, with dark red hair and blue eyes, came up beside her. “How’s my darlin’ Posey today?” he asked, an Irish lilt to his accent. He gave her a kiss on her dimpled cheek. Suddenly shy, she clutched her hand in her skirts and batted her lashes.
    “Oh Darrin. These are the new carnies. Angel and Roland.”
    “You two married?” Darrin asked.
    Angel gasped in outright shock, and again Roland answered. “Just friends.” She didn’t correct him, and he felt thankful that maybe he wasn’t assuming too much to say so.
    “That’s how me and Darrin started off,” Posey said, dreamily looking into his eyes. “We fought like cats and dogs at first, always snapping at each other, but one day something just clicked. We’re getting married two weeks from now.” She directed her happy gaze up to Angel. “You’ll come to the wedding, won’t you?”
    Roland didn’t miss Darrin’s sharp look at Posey.
    “I’d love to.” Angel found her voice.
    “I would, too.” Roland felt Angel glance at him then away again.
    “Oh good!” Posey beamed.
    “But I’m surprised Mr. Mahoney will allow it,” Angel said, “after all I’ve heard about his view on carnies getting involved.”
    “Mahoney knows a gold mine when he sees one. We’re staying with the carnival. Our manager has already tagged us as ‘The tiniest leprechaun couple to walk the face of the planet.’ ” She rolled her eyes. “As long as it snags the crowds, they don’t mind what we do.”
    “Don’t know the truth of that, us being the tiniest,” Darrin added. “But let them have their fun, as long as they let us have ours. Right, Posey me love?”
    She giggled like a besotted schoolgirl. “Right, my darling prince. We should be getting back to the tent. So nice meeting you both. Come on, honey.” She took hold of Darrin’s hand, pulling him away with her.
    “Are you certain you should have invited them to our wedding?” Roland heard Darrin ask as the two walked away.
    “Hush! They’ll hear. And Mama was right. They’re nice, not like some who joined up. I heard Angel’s even been asking to speak with us—”
    “More like gawk at us.”
    “You aren’t used to that yet?” she scoffed.

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