In-Between Work and Play (The Jocelyn Frost Series Book 1)

In-Between Work and Play (The Jocelyn Frost Series Book 1) by Relina Skye

Book: In-Between Work and Play (The Jocelyn Frost Series Book 1) by Relina Skye Read Free Book Online
Authors: Relina Skye
is?”  He
forced his gaze to shift and perfectly copied my innocent look.
    I vigorously
    “Why?   Because
if we start to date, it will lead to sex?”  His eyes spoke volumes about all the
different positions he wanted to try with me. 
    “And you’re okay
with turning me into a baby factory?”  With any other guy, I would have been
appalled, but since I made that instant connection with him, I wasn’t.  True, I
didn’t want to shoot several kids out of my vagina each year with the higher
risk of having multiples, but it could be worth it with the right guy?  Maybe? 
Ugh!  What was I thinking?  I was so not ready to be a mother. 
    “And aren’t we
on a quest to find a contraceptive method to prevent that?”  Damn it, he was
answering my question with another question.
    “Don’t you
realize that we might fail?”  There!  Two could play this game. 
    “Don’t you
realize that we might not?” The edges of his lips curled up in a mischievous
grin while his eyes lit up with laughter.  We sounded ridiculous, arguing about
what we already knew.  Despite that, the pressure kept growing between my
legs.  If he didn’t know that I wanted him before, he definitely knew it now.
    A throat was
being cleared over my shoulder.  I turned to find a tall, lanky, fairly
human-looking man, with more grey hair poking out of various places than I’d
seen for a long time, staring at us.  “May I take your drink order?”  Based
upon the way his amber eyes started to glow, I would have definitely ventured
to say he wasn’t human.
    Shoot, I hadn’t even
looked at my menu.
    “Red or white?” 
Dex asked. 
    When I didn’t
look up from my menu, he kicked my foot under the table.  “Hmm?”
    “What type of
wine do you like?”  He motioned toward the waiter. 
    Oh, well,
normally, I didn’t drink, but today was different.  So, why the Helheim not? 
“I’ll have a glass of chardonnay.”
    “I’ll have that
as well.  Let’s make it a bottle.  We can always take home whatever we don’t
finish.”  Dex turned his luminescent, green eyes from the waiter back to me. 
“Do you know what you want?”
    I chewed on my
lip as I looked over the dinner choices.  Should I choose something guaranteed
to add an inch to my hips? Or select a stupid salad?  My stomach growled. 
“I’ll get the chicken parmigiana.” 
    “From which
menu, ma’am?”  The waiter cocked one side of his salt-and-pepper uni-brow.  I
guess the serving size depended on the menu?
    “Oh, the dinner
one. Sorry about that.”  I handed him the menu when I finished looking at it.
    “And you, sir?”
    “I’ll have a
grilled eggplant sandwich from the lunch menu.” He held up the menu for the
    With a slight
bow, the waiter turned toward the kitchen.  I could almost see a tail trying to
poke out from beneath his pants.
    “Please tell me
there isn’t a full moon out tonight.” I shifted my eyes from the waiter’s ass
back to Dex’s face. 
    His expression
relaxed after a few seconds as he thought about my answer. “We have two days to
    “You sure?”  I
took another large bite out of my breadstick.
    Dex nodded. “My
father’s a moon god.  I’m sure.”
    I blinked. Shit!
I should have remembered that about Thoth.  Note to self: stop sticking my foot
in my mouth around Dex.  “That’s why you ordered off the lunch menu?  You’re
    Dex shrugged.
“Depends on my work schedule.”  The corners of his lips lifted. “You don’t know
a whole lot about the Egyptian Pantheon, do you?”
     “I know the
basics.”  I took another bite out my breadstick so that I wouldn’t embarrass
myself further. 
    Dex broke off a
piece from his own breadstick. “Depending on whom you ask, my father’s the god
of the moon, magic, hieroglyphics, and wisdom, or at least, a combination of
those different things.”  
    The waiter came
back with a bottle of wine.  Hair covered his

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