Hot Nights Forever (Hot Summer Series)

Hot Nights Forever (Hot Summer Series) by sarah Hartgrove

Book: Hot Nights Forever (Hot Summer Series) by sarah Hartgrove Read Free Book Online
Authors: sarah Hartgrove
Chapter One
    It had been one week and 3 days
since Stephanie drove away from Savannah and away from Brian.  She would
finally see him on Saturday.  Only 4 more days, she thought to herself. 
They had talked every day, sometimes twice a day on the phone.  Their calls
were getting hotter and hotter.  It seemed that even one hundred fifty miles
couldn’t keep their physical connection at bay. 
    They had also had an emotional
connection.  When Stephanie returned home and picked up her mail, she had one
letter from the central office of the school system she worked for.  They were
informing her that because of budget cuts, her contract for the next school
year would not be renewed.  They would pay her through July but after that she
was without a job.  When she told Brian about it, she couldn’t help but sob
over the phone.  He said all the right things and even made her laugh.  That’s
when she knew she loved him. 
    Stephanie had strong feelings for
him in Savannah but she pushed them aside, thinking that it was impossible to
love someone after one or two days and nights together.  It was when she got
back home that she realized she did love him.  Stephanie decided not to say
anything to Brian because she suspected that he was careful with how far he
took relationships. 
    She was making plans for the two of
them and getting the final items from the grocery store for meals they would
eat.  Walking up and down the aisles, Stephanie realized that she was in love
with a man she barely knew.  Stephanie had no idea what he liked to eat other
than the breakfast foods he ate at the B&B and Shrimp and Grits that they
ate together.  So in her buggy were the makings for French toast, grits,
sausage, eggs, and shrimp. Then she decided to pick up some potatoes, steaks,
chicken, and assorted veggies from the produce section.  What man didn’t like
meat and potatoes, right?
    Stephanie loved cooking but it was
hard to cook a meal for just one person.  She often cooked simple meals that
didn’t end up with lots of food left over.  The single servings of frozen
veggies and stir fry were a perfect portion.  She was looking forward to
cooking a good meal for Brian.
    When she arrived home, there was a
long narrow box on her front steps.  She unlocked her door and put the bags she
was carrying inside.  Bending down to pick up the box, she was surprised at how
light it was.  Walking into her kitchen, Stephanie placed it on the table and
went back to get her remaining bags from her car. 
    After placing all of the
refrigerated items away, she made her way to the mysterious box.  Inside, wrapped
in pink tissue paper were a dozen long stem red roses accented with baby’s
breath.  She was stunned!  Stephanie took out the card that was lying to the
side of the roses. 
miss you and can’t wait till I see you again
Saturday.  We will be making up for 2 weeks of
sex.  Keep your head up and you will find
job teaching.  You are beautiful, smart,
you soon!
    Stephanie pressed the card to her
chest and picked up the roses.  She smelled their sweet scent and turned to
find a vase.  She was filled with anticipation and couldn’t wait for Brian to
come to Columbia.  Getting a vase from the top shelf, she filled it with water
and added the roses.  Carefully, she placed the vase of fragrant flowers in the
center of her table.  Knowing that Brian was working until 10 o’clock, she
decided to put away the remaining groceries and call him later that evening. 

Chapter Two
    Brian knew his shift was ending
soon and wondered for the hundredth time if Stephanie got her flowers.  He was
hoping that they would lift her spirits until he arrived on Saturday.  She was
so upset about losing her job and he hated like hell that he couldn’t be there to
physically comfort her. 
    He took out his phone as soon as he
was leaving the station and

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