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Authors: sarah Hartgrove
pressed her contact name.  On the first ring, she
picked up.
    “Hi.  How are you?” Stephanie said,
a little out of breath.
    “I’m fine and you?”  Brian got into
his car and started the engine. 
    “I was greeted with a nice surprise
from you and that made my day much better.” Stephanie smiled into the phone.
    “So you got the flowers?  I was
hoping that they would cheer you up.  Why are you out of breath?” Brian sat in
his parking space while he talked to her.
    “I ran from my bedroom to answer
the phone because I knew it was you.”  Stephanie blushed a little at her
    “Well I wanted to give you a quick
call before I head home.  I’ll call you again after I shower if you’re still
going to be up.”  Brian was hoping for a late night call with her.
    Stephanie rolled her eyes.  She
knew that Brian didn’t talk on the phone and drive at the same time.  She found
that out when she called him on the road when she left Savannah.  He ended
their conversation quickly and she was taken aback.  When she arrived home and
called him again, he explained to her how many times they go to car accident
scenes that are caused by the driver talking or texting on the phone. 
    “I’ll be up.  I’ve got some changes
to make on my resume and a shower to get as well.”  Stephanie booted up her
    “Ok.  We’ll talk again soon. Miss
you.”  Brian gripped his steering wheel as he was thinking of her in the
    “I miss you too.  Bye.”  Stephanie
stared blankly at her computer screen.
    “Bye baby.”  Brian turned his phone
off and headed west to his apartment. 
    When he arrived home, Brian took a
quick shower and then began packing a few items to take to Stephanie’s.  He was
anxious to get the next 4 days behind him and have her in his arms again.  A
week with her seemed like heaven to him.  He had never wanted to spend that
much time, one on one, with a woman but Stephanie was different.  And his
feelings seemed to intensify after she left.  He didn’t know what this
relationship was or where it was going but he knew they were going to have an
unforgettable week together.  He was sure of that. 

Chapter Three
    Stephanie made the final changes to
her resume and added some new email addresses to her contacts list.  She would
email her resume out to several different school systems surrounding Columbia
next week.  Stephanie didn’t like the thought of driving thirty minutes or more
to work but she was going to take what she could get. 
    She shut down her laptop and headed
to the bathroom to take a shower.  When she finished, she would call Brian so they
could talk longer.  They had begun talking to each other when she was in bed. 
It made the distance between them seem a little shorter.  And the phone calls
kept getting hotter.  She was embarrassed at first when he began asking her
sexy questions but if their conversation led to talking dirty on the phone
tonight, she was not backing down. 
    After getting out of the shower and
drying off, Stephanie put on a cream color silk chemise and applied lotion to
her arms and legs.  Going through her small house and making sure the lights
were off and the doors were locked, Stephanie grabbed her cell phone and when
to her bedroom.  Sliding between the cool sheets, she pressed Brian’s contact
name and put the phone to her ear. 
    On the third ring, he answered in
his deep sexy voice. “Hi baby.”
     “Hi.  Am I calling at a bad time?”
Stephanie was flipping through the channels on her flat screen TV. 
    “No.  I just got out of the shower
and was putting on some boxers.  Are you in bed?” Brian headed to his own bedroom
and pulled the covers back. 
    “Yes I just got in when I called
you.”  Stephanie settled on a channel that was playing soft rock music.
    “Did you get your resume
finished?”  Brian asked.
    “I did.  I only had a few updates
to make.”  Stephanie loved

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