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Authors: Sapphire James
a brand new DVD player? When I asked where he got all of those items from, he told me he bought them on his way home. Then, when I asked him where the receipt was for the DVD player, he said it must have fallen out of the bag. He was full of shit! I knew my husband better than anybody. First of all, he never threw receipts away to anything especially electronic purchases, which could only mean one thing, Kadeema bought that shit and kept the receipt!
    “So ya bitch bought you come cologne and shit? Well, I tell you what; tell her thank you because that DVD player will go in Darren and Tyler’s room since they need one. And I had better not EVER catch you wearing that funky ass cologne around me! I’ll be damned if you wear some shit around me that another bitch purchased for you. And if you think I’m playing, try me. I’ll light a match to your ass if I smell it!” I threatened as I sauntered away from him.
    Once again, Ty stood there with a baffled look upon his face. He was confused as to how I knew these things. He didn’t respond to my accusations; as some things were better left unsaid. So as he was told, he put the DVD player in the boys’ room and put the cologne in his truck….away from me!

Chapter Fourteen: Tyrone
    “Hey, Ty,” Keisha greeted. “How was your time off?”
    “It was alright I guess. And yours? What did you and your girl get into?”
    If I wanted to find out what Kadeema had been up to all I had to do was ask mouth all mighty! Keisha was always willing to tell me what was going on. She low-key liked me, but she didn’t think I knew it. I could always tell when a chick was feeling me.
    “Oh, we didn’t get into too much. I was supposed to hit up The Galleria with Kadeema, but she had so much shit to do. I would have been away from my kids all day. Ain't nobody got time for that!” she gripped. “Did y’all hook up for New Year’s Eve?”
    Oh, so Kadeema was at The Galleria Saturday when Presley was attacked. That shit could not have been a coincidence. That would explain why I couldn’t get in touch with her when I called. Her phone kept going to voicemail. Maybe because her ass was out doing dirt!
    “Nah, Presley wasn’t having that shit. Her ass always seems to know when I’m up to something. She has some kind of sixth sense or something. She can see right through my ass and that pisses me off!” I pointed out. “I dunno, maybe she just wanted me home since she was attacked at the Galleria on Saturday. The person bumped her really hard, trying to knock her down. But wifey taxed that ass before she could get away unscathed.”
    Bingo! Keisha’s face told it all. Her face turned green as if she was about to toss her cookies. That was all I needed to confirm my suspicions.
    “Umm, what? Presley was attacked?” she asked as she averted her gaze to her shoes and shifted her body. “Is she okay? Does she know who did it?”
    “Nah it all happened so fast. I don’t think she saw the person’s face. I’m just glad she’s okay, ya know? It’s no big deal. It was probably just some crazy left over from the holidays,” I answered as I swiped my timecard.
    “Oh okay, well I’ll see you later,” she stated.
    Keisha hurried away as if she had seen a ghost. Shit had just gotten real. Kadeema was cool with me and the gushy was nice, but if she tried to pull a stunt like this, I’d have to let her go. Hell, what if Presley lost the baby? I would have to deal with that guilt for the rest of my life. I was going to address this shit as soon as the opportunity presented itself.
    Later that night I received a text from Kadeema saying, “Meet in the back of the warehouse, daddy. I gotta itch that only you can scratch!” This would be my chance to confront her about my suspicions.
    Kadeema’s eyes gleamed with joy as soon I stepped around the corner.
    “Hey, bae! Muah.” She kissed me. “I missed you! I haven’t seen you since Christmas Eve. C’mon, let’s start this New

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