His Work Wife

His Work Wife by Sapphire James

Book: His Work Wife by Sapphire James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sapphire James
She looked like she wanted me to know she was about to hurt me.  Yeah, I bet it was that bitch.
    “You’re right, Jani, it could have very well been her. But what do I do about it? I have no proof it was her.”
    “It’s cool. We just won’t let you be alone. But after you have this baby, we gon’ be ready for that hoe!”
    A couple of days passed and since Ty knew my sister was with me, he decided he would go out on New Year’s Eve. Well, at least that’s what he thought. There was no way in hell he was going to leave me and the boys at home alone on New Year’s Eve. He had me completely fucked up. And if I had to, I’d stomp his ass like I did that hooded bitch a few days ago. Whatever the case, he wasn’t going anywhere!
    “Hey, babe, I was invited to a New Year’s Eve party by one of my customers. I’m just going to go show my face and then come home if that’s alright with you?” he asked.
    “Okay, what time do I need to be ready? My mom can watch Darren and Tyler.”
    “Oh, naw, you probably wouldn’t want to come because my customer’s wife isn’t going to be there. This is just something he’s throwing for his boys.”
    Lord have mercy! Sometimes I really couldn’t believe the stupid shit this dude comes up with I thought. This idiot really wanted me to believe that on New Year’s Eve of all nights, his customer was having a party and his WIFE wouldn’t be there! Now that was the biggest load of shit I’d smelled in a long time.
    “Umm, I know damn well you didn’t think that shit was going to fly with me, right? How the fuck you going to a damn New Year’s Eve party and his fucking wife ain’t gonna be there? So it’s just finna be a bunch of men bringing in the New Year together with no women? Muthafucka, please! Not unless you have something else you want to tell me!” I countered.
    “The fuck you mean not unless I have something else I want to tell you! Don’t do that shit, Presley! I just want to go and hang out with my customer and his friends. Why does everything have to be a fight with you?”
    Tyrone knew me better than this. I already knew who this was about. And there is no damn way I was going to allow him to bring in the New Year with his sideline hoe. He had me so fucked up! I will push this damn stomach out of the way and beat the shit out of him if he tries to walk out of this door tonight I thought.
    “Ty, listen to me and listen well! There is no fucking way you are going to a party with just men on New Year’s Eve. I’ll give you credit for trying, but you might as well call that bitch and tell her you can’t come out to play tonight because if you leave, it’s going to be some shit over here. I know you don’t want that!”
    Ty walked back and forth with a pissed off look on his face while trying to come up with another excuse as to why he wanted to go. So far nothing made sense and I shut him down every time he said something.
    “Fuck that!” he snarled. “I’m a grown ass man and I don’t have to ask you shit! If I want to go, I’ll just go! I ain’t gotta be around here scared to go out because of you. And I damn sure don’t need your permission!”
    “That’s right! You are a grown ass man, but I don’t give a fuck what you say, if we are not going to this party together, then you aren’t going solo!”
    Ty finally gave up. He didn’t go to the party, but he didn’t bring in the year with the boys and me either. He was truly an asshole about it. Instead, he took a shower and got in bed at ten o’clock. He didn’t even wake up to say Happy New Year to me. It was fine, he was mad as hell, but his ass was at home and not out with that bitch. So I won this round. He may go spend other days with her, but the holidays are reserved for us!
    Hell, he had already spent some time with her for Christmas. He thought I didn’t know, but I peeped everything he did. Why else would he come home with Versace Cologne, new business decals for his truck, and

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