Hide And Keep

Hide And Keep by K. Sterling

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Authors: K. Sterling
but the Bible’s big there and some people use it as an excuse to be pretty hateful. Mom thinks it’s awesome. She’s convinced there should be one of those Real Housewives shows for our little town and she’d be the glamorous wife with the trendy gay son in Chicago. My brothers and sister were cool, they kind of always knew. Everyone was sad when I moved away for college but they all knew it was for the best. I don’t get away from work often to visit home but they come up here regularly. Someone’s usually dropping in every other weekend or bugging me to meet them in the city.” Lane swallowed a yawn and raised his head. Aiden had become awfully quiet and his body was completely relaxed.
    “That’s nice.’ He mumbled drowsily as his hand cradled Lane’s head against his chest. Lane smiled as he pressed a kiss to Aiden’s skin.
    “This is nice.” He whispered as he let his eyelids sink and waited for his consciousness to melt away.

Chapter 10
    Lane was whistling as he pushed open the door to the men’s restroom. He shook his head and teased himself for being such a cliche. He was a musical montage away from being a complete stereotype. And his face was sore from smiling. He fell asleep smiling and woke up smiling. Lane smiled as he stepped in front of the urinal and unzipped.
    He’d woken up alone and wandered downstairs to find Aiden on the treadmill. As soon as Aiden stepped off, Lane threw him against the glass and pushed his shirt up. Lane ran his tongue up Aiden’s stomach, letting it glide over the grooves of his abs, collecting Aiden’s sweat. Aiden tasted like salty iced tea and lust and Lane lost his mind. He dropped to his knees and tugged Aiden’s sweatpants down. His tongue washed over Aiden’s sack and cock as he moaned rapturously. It was so fucking good.
    Lane hummed happily as his mind replayed the events that followed. He started to get hard at the memory of being locked in the 69 position with Aiden in his study. He shook his head again in disbelief. It was all so surreal and not at all like his life. Rolling out of bed and finding a sweaty, gorgeous man in his home was mind boggling. Spontaneous, blow jobs with said man was beyond inconceivable. After, they showered, lazily bathing and teasing each other until the hot water ran out. They got ready together and ate a quick breakfast before heading to the station. All of it felt like heaven and Lane didn’t want it to end. Who knew you were the domestic bliss type? He wondered as he flushed.
    Hands slid around his waist and Lane grinned as he let his head fall back. Wrong scent. He frowned as his eyes went to the mirror and his body froze.
    “Get off me, Clark.” Lane growled as he elbowed Clark in the ribs. Lane grabbed his cock to put it back in his trousers and Clark pushed his hands away before he turned Lane and threw him against the wall.
    “Come on, Lane.” He whispered urgently as he wrapped his hands around Lane’s erection. “You’re so hard and I’ve missed you.” Clark tugged roughly and Lane’s stomach squeezed as bile tickled his throat. He grabbed Clark’s wrists and pulled but Clark held on tight. “I’ll suck you off right now.” He said as he leaned toward Lane’s mouth. Lane pulled his head out of the way and threw his shoulder into Clark’s chest causing him to stumble back a few steps.
    “I’m good. Aiden took care of that this morning.” Lane said as he quickly shoved his cock in his pants and closed them. Clark’s jaw and fists clenched as he seethed.
    “The two of you keep rubbing it in my face but you know that once he’s gone, you’ll be calling me.” He said as he moved in. Clark tried to force Lane against the wall but Lane pushed back.
    “Never again, Clark.” Lane promised as he went to the sink and turned on the water. “And are you out of your mind? What if someone came in?” He asked as he lathered his hands. Clark’s head jerked toward the door.
    “It’s locked. You

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