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Authors: K. Sterling
can’t turn your back on two years, Lane.” He insisted. Lane snorted.
    “Two years of what? We don’t even like each other and it was always about you. I was over it after about six months and I spent the next year and a half hating myself for not getting the fuck out.” Lane said as he dried his hands. Clark shook his head as he rushed at Lane. He grabbed Lane’s erection through his trousers as his eyes drove into Lane’s.
    “Then what’s this?” Clark asked huskily. Lane smiled as he tilted his head forward. He let his lips hover next to Clark’s ear and he felt a tremor pass through him.
    “That’s all Aiden. And you’re ruining it.” Lane whispered. Clark pulled his hand away as if he’d been burned and swore.
    “Fuck you, Lane!” He growled as he went for the door. “You know I’m right.” He swore as he pulled it open and stormed out.
    “Not a fucking chance.” Lane promised as he turned to the mirror and checked his hair and clothes. He turned and Aiden was leaning against the paper towel dispenser.
    “So… the door was locked.” He murmured as he raised a brow at Lane. Don’t panic. Just be honest, Lane told himself as he searched Aiden’s face.
    “Clark came in after me and he came onto me.” Lane explained. The muscle twitched in Aiden’s jaw and his eyes narrowed as they flicked restlessly over Lane’s face and body.
    “Did he touch you?” His voice was low and hard. Lane nodded despite his brain begging him not to. Aiden’s head fell and he stared at his shoes for several moments. “And you didn’t stop him?” He asked. Lane pushed his hands through his hair and exhaled loudly.
    “I did but he kept trying and he moved really fast.” Lane explained. Aiden looked up and he was furious. Lane held his hands up, gesturing for Aiden to calm down as he moved close.
    “He offered to suck my cock.” Lane whispered as he gathered Aiden’s face in his hands. Aiden’s eyes flared and he swore. Lane smiled wickedly as he rubbed his thumb over Aiden’s lips. “I told him you already took care of it.” Lane pressed his hips against Aiden’s and rocked against him, letting him feel how hard he was. “I told him that this is because of you.” He saw Aiden’s pupils spread and his body pulsed with heat. “I’m going to be in pain all day because of you. He never did that to me.” Lane said as his eyes clung to Aiden’s lips. They were driving him insane. They curved and Lane groaned as his cock throbbed.
    “Want to lock the door again?” Aiden murmured.
    Lane opened his mouth to tell Aiden to hold the thought when the door swung open and a conversation tumbled into restroom. Lane stepped back quickly and Aiden sighed. Lane nodded at two detectives as they came in and leaned against the sink and tried to act relaxed. Aiden shrugged as he jerked his head toward the door before be pushed away from the wall and left. The conversation continued behind Lane as one of the detectives leaned over a urinal and the other went into a stall. Lane silently prayed that one of them would get his dick slammed in a door and the other would catch his balls in his zipper before he exited the bathroom.
    Fate smiled on Lane in that Clark didn’t turn up again for the rest of the day. Fate kicked Lane in the balls about a dozen times though. Every time he found a moment, he’d stop by his desk to check on Aiden and Lane’s pulse would go wild and his body would tighten. He spent most of the day carrying around a folder so he could strategically hide behind it whenever he looked at Aiden for too long. Aiden was having a good day. Lane had one of the patrols deliver McDonald’s and Aiden looked like he was going to weep over his two cheeseburger meal. Aiden spent the rest of the day with his feet up on Lane’s desk as he studied Clark’s case. Every now and then his eyes would meet Lane’s and he’d offer him a cocky grin and Lane would need the folder again. As if all of that wasn’t cruel

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