Hidden Pleasures #5: Teased
Chapter One
    T elling Gavin no was hard. Getting through to Luis with a rejection was even harder. Her dark-haired lover was the most persistent man she’d ever met.
    The ground still hadn’t settled under their feet since the day Luis and Gavin gifted her with her emerald cuffs. Nothing had been spoken aloud, but a different vibe juiced their interactions. Gavin was on edge—uncomfortable—and trying not to show it too much. Luis, for his part, acted normally, but tension rode beneath the surface. As always, Luis was kind, affectionate, and serious when they hung out; a total master of her body when they made love.
    At some point, that's what it had become. Making love. Because she loved her Doms, and they loved her. She knew this.
    But what did that really mean in a relationship with three people? She couldn't love them the same, because they weren't the same. She kept hoping that she'd meet someone she could talk to about her feelings, but it wasn't like she could call her mom up and say, “Hey mom, I'm confused about my boyfriends. They’re so hot and sweet and like to tie me up and spank me. But I'm confused about which one to marry. If we'll ever get married at all. And maybe they might want kids someday, and how the heck will that work? What should I do?”
    Just telling her mother she was dating two men at the same time had almost sent her into a stroke. Spilling the whole story might trip her into early onset Alzheimer’s.
    Unfortunately, every time they'd visited Luis's club, Hidden Pleasures, the men escorted her straight to a secluded room or alcove and got busy making her come. Over and over again. Except for that one time they'd fingered her together on the dance floor. So, no chance to chat up one of the other submissives either.
    She'd been so consumed with lust she hadn't noticed if anyone watched their public almost-sex play, but the idea that eyes were on them, on what they did together really turned her on. Eventually, Luis and Gavin would find out, and she could only imagine what they'd do then.
    Her nipples hardened and her clit swelled with anticipation. Oh what a dirty little secret. They’d find out, somehow.
    Keeping the knowledge to herself would be hard. Luis had a way of knowing what she thought before she did. And Gavin...well, he'd just use his tongue all over her, tease her with his cock, and fuck the confession right out of her.
    Maybe she needed more dirty secrets.
    Giggling, Ronnie buttoned her work pants and smoothed her hair into a pony tail. Being a barista wasn't glamorous, but it paid the bills. She'd graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with the idea of going to law school in mind.
    Daddy hadn’t been happy with her decision to move into an apartment with a roommate and take a break for awhile. So he’d told her she was responsible for her own loans until she went back to school. Paying the bills left her with very little money for anything extra.
    Read between the lines with her father: until she did what he wanted and entered law school, she could scrape and struggle. Wouldn’t he freak out if he found out about her sexual adventures and preferences? Or how about her millionaire boyfriends?
    College had gotten to be more of a chore than an experience she engaged with. Restlessness settled in, and she knew in the back of her head that she was done with it for the time being. Maybe forever. All through high school she'd thought she knew exactly what direction she was going in, and then the dean handed her a diploma cover, she picked up more hours at the coffee shop, and blew off her law school entrance crap.
    The counseling office kept letting her push admission back, and she was happy with that for now.
    She didn't know that law school was the right direction for her. Because, then what was there? Standing in front of a jury? Reading contracts and helping people make business decisions? Tracking down patent violators like her father? Hell no.

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