Hellcats #6: Lovebot 2.0

Hellcats #6: Lovebot 2.0 by Misty Vixen

Book: Hellcats #6: Lovebot 2.0 by Misty Vixen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Misty Vixen
Tags: Erótica, Literature & Fiction
“Oh my God...yes...right...don't stop! Don't stop! Keep going! Oh... fuuuuck !”
    Ryan had propped himself up on his hands, staring down at Emily's enormous body. Her heaving, sweat-slicked breasts, her tight stomach, her broad hips. He felt the muscles in her vagina convulsing, clenching and releasing, and a hot wave of juices sprayed across her inner thighs, his lower stomach and legs. Her whole body was writhing and twisting, her hands opening closing, eyes squeezed shut, head pressed back into the pillow. She kept screaming in ecstasy, pressing against him with her hips, riding her orgasm.
    He kept going, thrusting into her, trying to sync up their orgasms. Just as she was finishing, he looked up and caught sight of her huge breasts still bouncing from her own pleasure, and that set him off. He started shooting off inside of her, filling her up, feeling his own orgasm washing through in starbursts of unfiltered pleasure. He waited until his dick stopped spasming, slowing down to smaller and smaller twitches, and then he collapsed atop her, resting his head on her breasts. They both laid there, chests heaving, sweat cooling.
    “Thank you,” she said.
    Ryan knew that was Emily's way of saying she wanted him off of her. It was a step up from when she just said 'Get off me now.' He pulled out and rolled off of her, lying on his back. She laid there for a moment longer, then stood up in one smooth motion. Ryan still liked watching her when she moved. She was graceful, lithe and smooth. The fact that she was nearly seven feet tall and very curvy didn't seem to offset her balance at all.
    “Want to shower with me?” she asked.
    He was distracted, staring at her huge, pale ass. “What? Oh, yeah.”
    “Are you ever not horny?” she asked, turning around.
    “I...spent a long time alone,” he replied. “It's like I went from being broke to winning the lottery, I'm still wowed by all the, uh, 'money'.”
    Emily snorted. “I guess that makes sense. I'm a little jaded but hey, it's nice for me too. Especially when I do this,” she reached up and made her breasts bounce, “and suddenly every thought in your head derails and you get that dumb look on your face.”
    “Everyone likes boobs,” Ryan replied after a moment.
    “Yes, they do. But most guys in my line of work tend to have a jaded view of life, even if they have to manufacture it. So when a guy normally looks at my boobs, he has to pretend he doesn't care, been there, done that, he's seen better and sucked on them too.”
    “That doesn't sound like much fun,” Ryan murmured, standing up.
    “It's not, for either of us. He thinks that if he acts unimpressed I'll have to step up my game and really put out, do whatever he wants and what he wants he thinks I won't give unless there's some added incentive. There's all this...subterfuge and sexual politics...it's bullshit. I hate it. I've never gone for it. I just want to bang and have fun.”
    “Me too,” Ryan replied as they stepped into the bathroom.
    “And that's one of the reasons you find yourself employed on a ship of women who want to fuck you,” Emily replied.
    They got into her shower, which took up half the bathroom in favor of a bathtub. She reached in and turned on the shower. She stepped in and Ryan came in behind her, sliding the glass door shut. Immediately he became soaked. Emily's shower had nozzles built into all three walls and the ceiling, creating a nice mist.
    “Here, would you mind?” Emily asked, passing him a bar of soap.
    “I'll probably spend some extra time on your boobs and your butt,” Ryan said, lathering up the soap.
    Emily snorted. “You spent enough time groping them during sex, I'm sure they could use the extra attention.”
    He finished lathering up the soap, then set it aside and began rubbing her breasts. She let out a low, pleasured moan. “That's very nice,” she murmured.
    “I have a question,” he said as he kept rubbing her.
    “Oh yeah?”
    “Yeah...and it's

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