Heart Song

Heart Song by Samantha LaFantasie

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Authors: Samantha LaFantasie
my head against the cool stone. I focused on breathing and relaxing all of my muscles.
    The water shifted.  I knew who it was before I turned to face him. His bronze skin reflected tiny beads of light. His hair was pulled back and tied with a leather lace that had brightly colored beads at the tips. They dangled over his shoulder. He focused on me, taking me in. His lips parted slightly when I stood up and stepped in front of him. 
    “You decided to join me?” I asked, watching his lips curl. His hands slid gently along my skin from my sides to my back, firing off tiny bolts of lightning.
    “How can I resist, waya uwoduhi?”
    The buzz of his enchanting words filled my head. “You've completely mesmerized me.”
    “You've had me under your spell since the first time I saw you.”
    “Tell me about that time. I want to know what you thought and felt.”
    “It's of a night you would much rather forget, than to be reminded of.”
    “ Five years ago?”
    I wrapped my arms around his thick, hard body. The sensations within me conflicted in a struggling war of which one would be the strongest and win out. “That's amazing and horrible at the same time.”
    “There were moments when I was weak, needing to see you and know you were okay, like that day in Hafton. I think the wait was worth it.”
    I touched the beads on the lace. “What are these for?”
    “Just a decoration for those who are coming. It is a symbol of who and what I am.” He escorted me to the underwater seat then proceeded to bathe me.
    “What is this company? I see you tense each time you mention them and it seems you become more lost in thought the closer the time comes.”
    “They are the Ancients. The leaders of the immortal realm who enforce the laws to be obeyed for those of us who cross over.”
    “And they think you've done something to break those laws? How could they possibly even know?”
    “Because someone in my house told them.” The level of bitterness was thick in his words. “And yes, they think I have, at least that was what was stated in the letter. I'm not allowed to change anyone without the consent of the Ancients, unless they are my heart song. Which you clearly are.”
    “How did you know? I mean, what told you I was?”
    “When I saw you that night, I felt your pain, your heart breaking. That's how I found you. You were absolutely devastated. I was going to intercede and save you but then Danst came along. I made the decision to bide my time and wait until you were a little older. But you had grown so overprotective of yourself and embittered towards anyone that showed you an interest.”
    “There's something more about this company. Something you aren't telling me, but I can feel it's threatening you. Why?”
    He gathered me in his arms and rested his chin on my shoulder. “You asked how old I was.” I nodded, feeling his body tense with fear. “I'm one of the oldest of my kind, also an Ancient.  I didn't think you would be as accepting of me if you knew my role i n the immortal realm. That's why I was so hesitant on telling you.”
    I twisted to face him. “I guess I understand that. How did you become one?”
    “I was one of the first of my kind to live here. I’m also the most powerful and the leader of all therianthropes. So, I was born into it.”
    “You're like, their king?”
    “More like their God and there aren’t any kingdoms. We live together in tribes, so to speak, scattered across the realm. The lands are equally divided amongst the races to help promote peace and keep the balance.”
    “How is it that this world has remained hidden for all these years?”
    “Magic protects the portal. It won't allow humans to pass through.”
    I bowled over, feeling the slice of another cramp tear into my torso, like fire in open wounds. Marren's hands s lowly rubbed my back. My body felt as though it was turning inside out just as the pain started to subside. It trickled away bit by tiny bit. I

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