He Makes Me Bundle

He Makes Me Bundle by Gia Blue Page B

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Authors: Gia Blue
“God, I need that.” He drops his duffel and snags the drink from me, twisting off the top before he takes a long draw from the bottle. “Ah, that hits it, right there.”
    I smile wide, happy that I’ve made him happy. Bending over, I snatch his bag from the ground. “I’ll get the wash started. There’s pizza in the living room.”
    I give him one last glance, and just before I head to the laundry room, I find his attention on my chest, my breasts straining against the super-thin cotton.
    He tears his gaze from my tits to look me in the eye, his face turning a light shade of pink. “Yeah, okay. You don’t have to…”
    I just roll my eyes. Same argument, different day. “I like taking care of you, J. You do a lot for me in return, so it all balances out.” I gesture toward the living room with my chin. “Go eat.”
    And then, he can eat me…
    That thought carries me through dinner, through watching stupid television shows while he’s sprawled next to me on the couch. Pizza devoured, he’s still nursing his first beer. He likes one to relax, but he typically stops after just the one.
    So yeah, it’s time for me to make my move.
    This really sounded a lot better in my head. Now, not so much.
    Taking a deep breath, and saying a quick prayer to God for courage, I snag the remote. “Do you mind if I switch it? There’s this movie I’ve wanted to see and it’s coming on the pay channel soon. That okay? I’ll totally pay you back.”
    Because, even if he gets my pussy, I don’t want to take advantage. I’m working while I’m in school, so there’s no reason I can’t contribute.
    My voice seems to break him from some trance, because he jumps, attention turning to me in an instant. “Wha—?” He clears his throat, snags his beer and finishes it off. “A movie? Right. Sure. Go ahead and order it. And you’re not paying me back.” He gives me this look like I’m a total moron.
    Well, when he sees what I’m about to order, he may change his mind.
    “ Lemme go grab a soda and some popcorn and we can watch it together.” He hops to his feet, six-foot frame towering over me. “Lemme guess, this is a total chick flick, right?”
    I pout, sticking out my lower lip. “Not totally. I know tons of guys who’d probably love it too.”
    He just rolls his eyes as if saying “yeah, right,” then leaves the living room.
    It takes hitting a handful of buttons and entering the security code before I’m gifted with the opening credits to Daddy Does Debbie. Yeah, I know choosing a “daddy” porno for my seduction is a little bizarre, but I want him to get the point pretty quickly.
    I ease back against the arm of the couch and turn sideways so one of my legs is resting on the seat, leaving my thighs open for easy access.
    In moments, the action begins. 68 Productions is known for their short intros that lead quickly to fucking. All the bullshit is at the end, thank goodness.
    Hello! Peeps wanna get off, not read about who they’re getting off to, no?
    The girl on the screen looks kinda like me. Bigger boobs, though. And she’s totally got bleach-blonde hair. Ick.
    She’s wearing a super-short, plaid, schoolgirl skirt with an equally small, white top that barely covers her breasts. Knee socks and platform Mary Janes cap off her outfit. She’s the epitome of walking, talking sex.
    Fuck yeah.
    My pussy’s growing wetter by the second, tingling and aching more and more the closer she gets to the man on the screen.
    He’s fit and trim. Not ugly, but he’s not as hot as Justin. He’s just…a man. Everyone knows that the male “actors” get their jobs based on cock size and stamina. Oh, and the ability to come on cue. He doesn’t have to be pretty, he just has to be able to get it up…and know how to fuck.
    Already, the man is rock hard in his slacks, dick tenting his pants.
    She’s leaning over him while he sits on the couch, breasts in his face, and the camera catches it all. It spies the hint of

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