He Makes Me Bundle

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Authors: Gia Blue
girls a run for their money.
    Dressed, I head downstairs, take the steps two at a time so I can hurry and get dinner ready.
    And by ready, I mean ordered. I so don’t cook.
    After calling the pizza place, I pop a beer into the freezer for Justin so he’ll have something ice cold to drink when he walks through the door. I also snag a couple of twenties from the tin near the phone and toss them on the table by the door. I wanna be ready when the delivery guy shows up.
    For now, all I can do is wait.
    And think.
    I lie on the couch, take up the entire thing with my height. I’m just five-six, which is nothing compared to Justin’s six feet. Six feet of rock hard, fuck me even harder, of a gorgeous man.
    And I’m getting wet, anticipation thrumming through my veins, excitement heightening my arousal even more. I want his cock in my pussy, as far in my cunt as he can go, and then I want him deeper. Just another inch…
    I’m all squirmy now, clit throbbing, heat tensing and spasming, ready to milk his cock for all it’s worth. I cross my legs, tighten my thighs to try to ease the full-blown ache that’s consuming me. A rock of my hips sends a shard of pleasure down my spine and I do it again, savor that piercing sensation.
    My nipples are hardening, turning into little nubs, and I want his mouth on me, sucking, biting the sensitive flesh and leaving his mark.
    “ Fuck yeah,” I whisper, like I’m talking to him. Like he’s here, giving me what I want.
    God, do I want.
    But I can’t do this now. Can’t put my hand down my shorts and rub it out. No, I have a plan. Really.
    A glance at the clock reveals that it’s almost time for dinner to show up, and with a sigh, I roll from the couch and pad to the window. I’m weird, I guess. I can’t ever really relax while I’m waiting for something to arrive.
    It’s like two seconds before the delivery guy drives up and I rush to the front door, snag the twenties off the table before I tug it open. I want him here and gone.
    The kid that gets out of the car looks exactly that…like a kid. I mean, I know I’m young, but he looks so much younger. I know he’s not, but he looks like he’s sixteen.
    The second he sees me, he stumbles, nearly dropping our food on the driveway. Yeah, I guess I’ll be filling his spank bank for a while.
    With a smile, I hold out the money with one hand and snag the food with the other. “Thanks!”
    The kid appears to be dumbfounded, his mouth hanging open, fingers barely clutching the money I’ve given him. One final look and I figure he’ll be pretty hot once he’s grown up a bit.
    Not as hot as my stepdad, though, and that’s who I’m waiting on.
    Holding the pizza, I hip-bump the door after I smile one last time. “G’night.”
    The tantalizing scent of pepperoni and cheese fills the air around me and my stomach grumbles.
    Ah, to eat or not to eat…that is the question. On one hand, I’ll have pizza breath, but so will he. Fuck it, I need strength if I’m gonna ride him all night long.
    And I totally will.
    I head back into the living room, our eating area of choice, and just as I plop the box onto the table, I hear another car in the driveway.
    He’s home.
    My stomach turns into a big ball of butterflies and I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. I want him between my thighs, fucking me hard and long, hour after pleasurable hour. Period.
    I can totally do this.
    One last breath and I dash into the kitchen to snatch the beer from the freezer. Ice cold beer to go with delicious food, and then he’ll be all relaxed and happy.
    I am totally not usually like this, but I want him so f-ing bad it’s ridiculous.
    Plus, we live in the same house. That means a good fucking is only down the hall.
    When I hear his key in the lock, I hurry down the hall and greet him at the door, refreshment in hand. “Hey! Long time no see, J.”
    I get a look that’s gratitude and weariness all wrapped up into one.

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