Hard Rock Unrehearsed

Hard Rock Unrehearsed by Rene Van Dalen

Book: Hard Rock Unrehearsed by Rene Van Dalen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rene Van Dalen
computers.  Like reeeaaally good dude.  We’ve been trying to hack the guy who’s been putting all that shit about her on the internet and last night we did it!  Shit it was so cool!  We like, cracked his code and everything!”
    “So you say you are fans of hers and you wanted to help.  Why not just contact her security and tell them what you found?”
    The two looked at each other before looking back up at him.
    “We couldn’t take the chance dude.  Someone on her team or something is like helping the creep.”  The kid looked nervous as he answered.
    Diego sighed.  Fuck!
    “You two in my room now.  Pete and Hanson you’re with Jay.  One inside, one outside.  Tag and Tank you’re with me.  Let’s go.”
    Diego didn’t give the kids a chance to protest, just dragged them up and into his room.  Flipping the lights on he pushed the kids towards the bed, made them sit then dragged a chair closer and sat down in front of them.  Tank moved behind them and stood against the wall while Tag stayed just inside the door, his gun stuck in the waistband of his jeans, big arms folded over his naked chest.  Rubbing his hands over his tired eyes Diego leant forward with his elbows on his knees and just looked at the two.  They looked scared shitless but still defiant.
    “Okay, let’s have your names.”
    The two looked at each other then back at Diego.
    “We don’t know who to trust.  How do we know you guys aren’t the ones helping them?”
    The one who had been silent all this time spoke and damned if it wasn’t a girl!
    “Do you know who I am?”  Diego snarled.
    The two nodded.
    “Right, then you know I have no reason to wish to harm Jay.  I’m in charge of her security and I’m her boyfriend.”
    “No you’re not!”  The girl leant forward as she snarled at him.  “You’re with Marcella Vincent and you’re getting married the day after the tour finishes.”
    Diego reared back in shock at the animosity in the kid’s eyes.  “No I’m fuckin’ not with Marcella and I’m sure as fuck not marrying her either!  Where the hell did you hear that shit?”
    The boy grinned.  “It’s all over the internet dude.  Marcella posted it on her facebook page and tweeted it.  Everyone knows!  You’re so totally lying about being Jay’s boyfriend.”
    Diego pushed the chair back as he stood and walked over to the big desk to power up his laptop.  He stood leaning over the desk as he waited.  What the fuck was going on?
    “Get over here and show me where this shit has been posted.”
    The girl slid into the chair beside him and started typing furiously while Diego stood in awe at her skills.  Suddenly a photo of him and Marcella popped up.  Holy shit!  It was of the two of them kissing.  Jesus!  He had his hand on her ass and was virtually eating her face off.  Where the hell had that happened?  And then he narrowed his eyes as some details started to become clear.  The photo was old, almost three years old.  His hair was shorter than he was wearing it now and the leather jacket in the photo had been ripped beyond saving when his bike slid on a wet road one night and he went down hard.  And then he remembered the night of the kiss, he had been at a party with Marcella and a friend of hers had sneaked the photo.  Marcella had promised him she had her friend delete the thing from her phone.  Obviously she hadn’t!  He'd had the bike accident about two weeks after the night of the party.
    “That photo is almost three years old.  I’m not with Marcella and I’m not marrying her.  I haven’t seen her in almost three weeks.”
    “It’s not the only one dude.  She has dozens of the two of you together.  The last lot she posted was of the two of you at some hotel a few weeks ago.  You were walking her out of the hotel and she was all over you.  She had her hand on your ass!”
    Diego sighed and hung his head in frustration.  “Kid I’m telling you I am not with the

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