Gracefully Aroused: The Best of K D Grace

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Authors: K D Grace
not your father. Now do it again.’
    He stroked his cheek, which now bore her hand print.
    ‘Do it.’
    He crossed himself and started over. ‘Bless me… lady? For I have sinned. It’s been 12 hours since my last confession.’
    ‘Go on.’
    ‘I maa… I masturbated during the confession of a penitent.’
    ‘Excuse me?’
    ‘Did you touch yourself through your trousers or did you pull your cock out while this poor girl unburdened her soul to you. Well?’
    ‘I… I had my penis out.’
    ‘Show me.’
    ‘Please, I was wrong to…’
    ‘I said show me.’
    He blushed mightily, but once his hand was on the meat all shame vanished. He thrust his hips back and forth and stroked like he was rolling dice, his breath coming in hungry gasps.
    ‘What did this sinner confess, father, that so turned you on?’
    ‘That she watched other people do it.’ He strained against his hand, his buttock muscles clenching with each thrust. ‘That she fornicated, that she…’
    ‘That she what?’
    ‘That she masturbated at confession.’ His voice was as clenched as his buttocks.
    She slapped his hand away from his cock again. ‘What else?’
    He looked up at her dumbly.
    ‘Your confession. What else?’
    ‘I… I ejaculated.’
    ‘Mmm. I can smell,’ she said. ‘But you’re not supposed to do such things.’
    ‘She tricked me.’
    ‘Then you must have kicked her out of the church?’
    He shook his head, squirming on the kneeler.
    ‘What then?’
    ‘I let her suck me, then I spanked her.’
    ‘No doubt she deserved it. What else?’
    ‘Nothing else.’
    She slapped him again. ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.’
    ‘I wanted to– to have sex with her.’
    ‘You’re as sinful as she is.’ She grabbed the scarf and yanked him back into the chair. ‘I think it’s time for your penance. There’ll be no Our Fathers, no Hail Marys. I have a better use for your tongue.’
    She turned in front of him and bent over until her arse was in his face, then she tugged the scarf, guiding his mouth to her slit. He suckled and nibbled, holding her to him, cupping and spreading her buttocks, licking and stroking until his fingers explored their way, first to her cunt, then, slowly, almost shyly, he slipped his middle finger into her anus.
    It felt good, but she wouldn’t let him off so easily. She pulled him to his feet and wiped his face on the scarf. Then she kissed him, tasting her pussy on his accommodating tongue. ‘Celibacy doesn’t look so good right now, does it, father? But you’re not allowed to come until you choose the method.’
    ‘Choose the method?’
    ‘I’m asking you how do you want to come? It’s not a difficult question.’ Facing him, she guided his penis between her legs, clamped down, and began to dry hump him. ‘Do you like this? Would you like to shoot your wad this way? Or would you prefer to come in my hand, maybe in your hand? Perhaps my mouth would do it for you?’ She pressed down hard so his cock rubbed between her labia each time he humped. ‘Or you can take your chances with the wrath of God and have some real pussy.’ She leant close to lick his earlobe. ‘Personally, if there is a god, I think she has bigger concerns than where you spurt your jizz.’
    ‘What about here?’ He slipped his middle finger back in her anus so quickly that her breath caught in her throat.
    She laughed softly, then she grabbed him by the scarf and forced him to kneel. ‘Confess that you want to fuck my arsehole, father, I want to hear your confession.’
    ‘Bless me, lady, for I have sinned. I want to fu…’
    ‘Say it.’
    ‘I want to fuck your arsehole.’
    ‘There, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? I grant you absolution.’ Then she turned and bent over the chair.
    In the tight space, he manoeuvred until her arse was right in his face. He wasn’t squeamish. He parted her cheeks, and circled her pucker hole with his tongue, pushing in solicitously. She moaned and

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