Girl vs. Boy Band

Girl vs. Boy Band by Harmony Jones

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Authors: Harmony Jones
honest, I’d much rather be back at the hotel, curled up on the bed in my nightie, watching old movies on TV.”
    â€œI agree,” said Aidan. “
’d much rather be curled up in bed with you, too.”
    Lark gasped, feeling an overwhelming urge to slap him. But Holly did something even better.
    The country star took two slow steps toward Aidan, then leaned in close until her famously full and pouty lips were nearly touching his. “Tell you what, darlin’,” she said in a breathy voice. “You can watch old movies with me any time you like . . . but if I were you, I’d wait ’til I was old enough to be behind the wheel of a hot little sports car instead of on a li’l ol’ bicycle.” Winking, she stepped away and added, “So give me a call the minute you get your trainin’ wheels off, ya hear?”
    Aidan’s face turned scarlet as Max, Ollie, and Lark burst into hysterical laughter. Their mocking sounds followed him as he stormed across the patio and into the house.

    â€œGone?” Donna’s coffee cup stopped midway to her lips. She blinked at Mrs. Fitzpatrick, who had just come in to deliver the news. “What do you mean, ‘gone’?”
    â€œI went to wake the boys, like you asked,” Mrs. Fitzpatrick explained, her voice disapproving. “Only two of them were in their beds. Aidan is nowhere to be seen. His bed hadn’t even been slept in.”
    â€œDid you check the music room?” Lark asked. “Maybe he went up there to work on some songs last night and just fell asleep.”
    â€œI checked the music room, the pool house, even the garage,” Mrs. Fitzpatrick insisted. “The little devil is gone.”
    It was at this moment that the other two band members came shuffling sleepily into the kitchen.
    â€œDo I smell bangers, Fitzy?” asked Ollie, grinning. “I do love a nice sausage.”
    â€œWhere is Aidan?” Donna demanded, slamming her coffee mug down.
    â€œDunno,” said Max, yawning. “In the loo, maybe?”
    â€œHe’s not here,” Lark explained. “He’s . . . missing.”
    The boys looked only mildly surprised.
    â€œDo you two know where he is?” cried Donna, her voice growing shrill. “If you do, start talking!”
    â€œWe haven’t got a clue,” Ollie assured her. “Honest.”
    â€œDon’t you dare cover for him, Oliver,” Donna scolded, dragging her hands anxiously through her hair. “That young man is my responsibility. If he’s out in a strange city, all alone—” She pulled her frantic eyes from Ollie to glare at Max. “If you know where he went, you’d better tell me right this minute! If he told you what he was planning, or where he was going . . .”
    â€œHe didn’t tell me anything,” said Max. “I’d tell you if he did, I swear.”
    â€œMom,” said Lark, struggling to keep calm. “Think about it. Max and Ollie aren’t exactly on speaking terms with Aidan right now. What makes you think he’d tell them what he was up to?”
    â€œShe’s right,” said Ollie, then hesitated. “But . . . well, if I had to make an educated guess . . .”
    Donna gave him a desperate look. “Go on.”
    â€œAidan’s always fancied himself a player. If I had to guess, I’d say he went off to see about catching up with Holly Rose at that club after all.”
    Donna went pale. “He’s fifteen! That’s dangerous. And . . . 
    Lark picked up her mother’s cell phone and began scrolling through her contacts. “I’ll call Holly and see if she ran into him.” Her finger hovered over the touchscreen. “Or . . . maybe I should call the police?”
    â€œThere’s always the morgue,” said Ollie.

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