Geek Tragedy

Geek Tragedy by Nev Fountain

Book: Geek Tragedy by Nev Fountain Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nev Fountain
Tags: General Fiction
resemblance ended. At that very second, Nicholas had finished pouring himself some water, and placed the jug back on the table. Pens, notebooks and the water jug went flying) and draped it around the fan’s ample hips.
    Oh. That was interesting.
    The disappearing tablecloth revealed something unexpected; he noticed that Katherine’s hand was resting on Smurf’s knee—only for a second, because it realised it was exposed and sped back to its owner—but Mervyn definitely saw it.
    The competition over, the contestants all left, slipping on the water-sodden stage, all apart from the luckless fan trapped in his home-made Styrax. He couldn’t move in any direction and watched helplessly as his comrades danced away, his plaintive cries for freedom drowned out by the strains of ‘Hi-ho, Silver Lining’. The water spread around the base of the Styrax, reached the electrics, and the car indicator lights he’d lovingly put on his costume blew up. Thankfully, Morris was on hand with a fire extinguisher.
    Mervyn hadn’t noticed any of this. He was too busy looking around for…
    Damn. She was gone. Again.
    He circumvented the disco, skipping around gyrating youngsters who tried to engage him in a boogie, shouting questions at the stewards over the din. He should have asked her for her room number, damn it! He went up and down in the hotel lift, hoping when the doors pinged open he’d catch a glimpse of her.
    At last! He saw someone down the end of the hallway. Yes, it was someone dressed in a Vixens costume, Arkadia maybe. Someone with a shapely bottom and nice hips. Someone who didn’t look like a bunch of novelty balloons. It had to be Minnie.
    He ran up to her, grabbed her shoulder. ‘Arkadia’ turned, the silvery visor pushed up and…
    It was a young man. A young man in a Vixens costume. Of course. The only contestant apart from Minnie who had a half-decent figure. He’d been stalking a man’s arse all this time.
    ‘Hello Mr Stone! Gosh sakes, this is a surprise! It’s Stuart. Remember me?’ He gave a wave, and Mervyn realised with a shock that it was the boy who’d asked for his autograph this afternoon. The one with the updated Vixens episodes on his computer. ‘Do you like the costume? I made it myself. I studied the original costumes because I wanted to make mine better. More elastic and run-resistant. And look! Real pockets! They didn’t have real pockets in the original costumes. They were a bit ropey. Mine are better.’
    Mervyn nodded and smiled and backed away down the corridor.
    When he got back to his room, the door was ajar, the bedside lights on. Mervyn nervously pushed open the door.
    Someone was draped over the bed, wearing a Vixens costume.
    Thankfully, the someone was female.
    ‘I must have picked up your spare key by mistake,’ said Minnie. ‘So I just let myself in.’
    She stole my key and got into my room . His brain tried to hit the panic button, but his libido arm-wrestled it to the ground and made it submit.
    ‘So I see.’
    ‘Sorry,’ she said.
    Mervyn wasn’t.

    He drifted awake a couple of hours later, dimly aware of Minnie getting up, the sound of the shower blatting water into the bath, then he drifted away again.
    He woke up again about an hour after. He blundered to his feet and took some of his little coloured pills, wary of being woken up by revving engines in the night. He allowed his vision to blur, smudging the fixtures and fittings of his darkened room into grey shapes.
    The next thing he knew, his eyes opened in darkness. He’d been nudged awake as Minnie slid back into bed beside him, a comforting warm presence. He gave a welcoming grunt. Once again, her hands moved over him, manipulating him. Awaking a sleeping giant, Mervyn giggled inside his head. She got up and sat astride him, and his face was engulfed in rough material. God , he thought. She’s put the damn costume on again . She bent down and nibbled his face hungrily, then he felt her hot

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