Gale, Avery - Katarina's Return [The ShadowDance Club 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Gale, Avery - Katarina's Return [The ShadowDance Club 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Avery Gale

Book: Gale, Avery - Katarina's Return [The ShadowDance Club 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Avery Gale Read Free Book Online
Authors: Avery Gale
to follow. But they had learned at an early age about the importance of security from the Lamont patriarch, Daniel Lamont. Their father had always known his family was a security risk. As a well-known, wealthy entrepreneur who seemed to have a Midas touch, their dad had known other businessmen in his business and social circles whose wives and children had been targeted because of their families’ wealth, and he’d taken what many had seen as extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of his own family. As result, Alex and Zach had gotten a head start on their knowledge of surveillance technology, and that had been very useful when they’d earned places in the Special Forces teams.
    Their parents now lived in a beautiful condo in Denver, when they weren’t traveling the world, but they both still made themselves available any time any one of their children needed help. All three of the Lamont children felt like their parents had more than earned this time, and none of them liked to impose if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.
    Alex couldn’t help but smile when he thought about how his father had always worshipped their beautiful mother. Catherine Lamont was a gorgeous former model with a keen mind for business that was always a shock for the vast majority of people because they almost always underestimated the beautiful blonde. It was a mistake they usually regretted quickly, and she’d always managed to use their lapses to her advantage. Catherine Lamont had been a huge factor in her husband’s success, but more importantly, she’d always openly returned her husband’s devotion. She had never felt stifled by his efforts to shield her, even when she’d been criticized both personally and professionally for not setting a good example as an “independent women.” Their parents’ obvious love and respect for each other had set a high standard by which Alex, Zach, and Jenna would always measure their own relationships.
    When Alex had spoken to his father earlier today, he’d been thrilled that his sons were finally going after the woman everyone else had always known was perfect for them. His sage advice was that demonstrating love in a thousand small ways always outweighed garish displays. Alex had vowed to himself yet again that he’d spend his life making sure Katarina was showered in the kind of love and attention he’d watched his father bestow on his mother and that it would be his duty and privilege to make sure she was always safe, and that she felt confident and secure enough to explore every facet of her sensuality. Yes indeed, from the looks of things, the next sixty or seventy years might not always be smooth sailing, but they are never going to be dull.

Chapter 16

    Kat sat on the floor of the sitting room in her suite watching the fire in the stone fireplace flicker while she sipped the mega-margaritas she and Jenna had made and considered just how they were going to escape the prison they’d been locked in. Hell, the Feds’ most secure facilities didn’t have much on the lockdown Alex and Zach, along with Warden Colt, as Jenna had nicknamed him, had imposed on them. In the back of her mind, Kat knew the margaritas were probably a bad idea, but at this moment, she was so frustrated she just couldn’t seem to make herself care. Jenna had always had a much higher alcohol tolerance than she’d had, and Jenna’s was lame compared to most people. They’d gotten in quite a lot of trouble over the years, and the worst of it had always seemed to be after consuming various umbrella-decorated fruity concoctions that seemed to sneak up and bite you in the ass when you least expected it. Damn, this had to be the best margarita she’d ever had, but somehow her glass always seemed to be empty…odd that.
    “I don’t know, we maybe should take it easy with these,” Jenna said, holding up her now-empty glass. “But then again…well, shit, would you look at that, mine is empty, too. No worries, we made

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