From That Moment

From That Moment by Anna Park

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Authors: Anna Park
with a friend,” said Lia.
    Alex gave her a knowing look. “Who is he?”
    “Someone I work with.”
    “Hmm. That’s it? No more juicy details?”
    “Well. I actually know him from college. We met at a party for his graduation. I was a silly freshman, totally drunk. I made a huge fool of myself that night.”
    Lia grimaced. Thinking about it still made her feel sick. Why was she telling Alex the whole story?
    “What did you do?” Alex knew her sister wouldn’t say no to answering her questions. Lia felt the humiliation all over again.
    “Long story short, we were sitting together, talking. He asked me to dance. I got up, and he noticed a huge blood stain on the chair and on my butt—”
    “Oh my god, you didn’t —”
    “Yup. I got my period and was too drunk to notice.”
    “What did you say?”
    “I ran out, crying. Not my finest moment.”
    Alex grabbed her sister, hugging her.
    “Oh Lia.”
    “So I still wonder what he really thinks about me. The drunk college girl who got her period and bled everywhere?”
    “He might not remember. He was probably toast too.”
    “I don’t know. I was drinking a lot more than he was.”
    “Well, I’ve done a lot crazier things, if that helps.”
    Lia knew that she didn’t even know half of the stuff Alex had done. But she was going on a date with this very man tonight. He seemed to like her, but she wasn’t quite sure why. 
    That evening, Lia dressed in her low-cut Banana Republic dress. It was her fail-proof dress, it always looked good. The green color brought out the green in her eyes, and the shape was forgiving of any extra meals eaten. She clipped back her hair, and checked in the mirror. 
    “Nice.” The male voice startled her. 
    “Paulo? What are you doing here?” 
    “I was looking for Gianna’s crochet stuff, and I heard something in here.”
    “Well, thanks, I think.”
    He smiled at her, a cute bad-boy smile. Not my type, but he’s hot. She blushed.
    “So what’s up with Alex?” he asked.
    “Oh, well, she’s going through a lot of adjustments. Don’t take it personally.”
    “I try not to.”
    He turned away. “Have a nice date.”
    Colin opened the door just as she rang. He was dressed up in a pair of jeans and a gray blazer. His hair was combed to the side. He smelled lightly of cologne.
    “You look beautiful.” His eyes stayed focused on hers for a minute. Then he bent down and kissed her cheek. Tingles went down her body.
    Lia looked past him, into his apartment. Candles were arranged all along the windowsills. Pretty pink flower petals were strewn across the table, contrasting with the white tablecloth. Did he do this?
    “Come in,” he said.
    A bottle of wine and two glasses sat invitingly on the table.
    “Have a seat.” Colin pulled out a chair for Lia.
    “Wine?” She nodded, and he poured her a glass.
    “Cheers. To a great evening.” Their glasses clinked, and she took a sip. It was a nice Gewurztraminer, her favorite type of wine. Colin passed her a wooden cutting board with several different cheeses on it.
    “Yum,” she said, cutting herself a slice of Brie.
    “Didn’t know you were such a foodie.”
    “Yeah. I love good food. I want to try your aunt’s place soon, I hear rave reviews from anyone who goes there.”
    “Yeah, she and her assistant are brilliant in the kitchen.” Lia leaned back, relaxing with the sweet wine.
    Colin turned more serious. 
    “I want to talk to you.”
    “Okay.” Those words didn’t usually lead to good outcomes, but maybe this was different.
    “You know when we first met? That party?”
    She nodded, cringing a little.
    “I don’t know if you remember,” he smiled, “but we had a really great conversation.”
    “I’m kind of hazy on some details.”
    “Yeah, I know you had a few drinks later on.” He continued, “Anyway, this is hard for me to admit, since I’m not really good with emotions, but I really connected with you. I

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