Fox, Morgan - Ravished by the Moon [Moonlight Shifters 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Fox, Morgan - Ravished by the Moon [Moonlight Shifters 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Morgan Fox Page B

Book: Fox, Morgan - Ravished by the Moon [Moonlight Shifters 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Morgan Fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Morgan Fox
sexual thirst, but it was never this aggressive and demanding. His body’s cravings were uncontrollable and no other woman but Megan could satisfy his appetite. When he closed his eyes, it was her face that filled his visions. It was the same glowing smile he’d seen light up her face from time to time.
    Megan was contaminating his mind. All he thought he wanted from her was sex, but strange things were happening to him now that he’d been with her, sampled her as he’d always desired doing. The passions burning in his body confused and frustrated him. She had a way of driving him beyond reason, but more so, she had a way of making him need her.
    He growled low in his throat as his cock pressed firmly against his jeans. He’d spent himself just over an hour ago, and his cock responded as if it had never done so, ready to lay claim to his mate yet again. Taking her had been the best affair he’d ever had. Being inside her tight pussy, pressed against her body, was like finally coming home. In a strange way, Megan completed him, made him feel whole like a man, not just a lycan.
    As he’d watched her suck Reyes into her mouth, he couldn’t help but feel a tremendous amount of jealousy that she pleasured another with that sumptuous mouth of hers. The only thing that kept him from coming completely undone and knocking the ever-living hell out of his friend was the knowledge that she had chosen to fuck him with her mouth first, that he was the one she chose initially to be with and she had given herself wholly to him. The memory of waking up next to her made his chest ache. His stomach rolled with emotions he couldn’t identify, but he knew he would no longer be able to stay away from the woman that had nearly destroyed him.
    Sure, he realized now that the trouble in paradise was his fault, but she had a choice and she could’ve chosen him. She hadn’t. She’d picked the easy way. She picked Jonah. Maybe what he had done was a dirty trick, but what did he know at the time. He was just a horny guy with strange urges and he didn’t know what the fuck to do with all the emotions and sensations rampaging through his body.
    Perhaps they were all piss-poor excuses, but it was the truth. He only wished he had been smart enough then to understand what it all meant. He hoped he wasn’t too late to make things right with Megan, even if it meant they just enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh together. He’d gladly accept that as long as she didn’t walk away from him again.
    Standing in front of the coffee machine, he pressed the button for a black coffee and waited for the machine to do its thing. A strange pull had him wanting to make the coffee brewing contraption go faster so he could return to Megan. The bonding pull was so fierce he didn’t think he could breathe without seeing her. How he had fought the connection for as long as he had was beyond him.
    “You getting one of those coffees for me?” Reyes asked from behind him.
    He chuckled. “Now why in hell would I do that?”
    “Oh, right. I forgot you’re still an asshole.”
    Dominic laughed harder, a deep, throaty sound that had Reyes chuckling right along with him. He disliked fighting with his friend and was glad they could share a stress-free moment together.
    “I’ll get you a coffee, but you have to carry it. I’m not your bitch.”
    “Fair enough,” Reyes said, grinning.
    The smile on Dominic’s face was wiped clean as his knees almost buckled out from under him. A blunt force of panic and fear slammed into his skull. The blinding tension of emotions sent him grabbing hold of the machine in front of him for balance. Strangely, Reyes was right alongside him, leaning against the wall, grabbing hold of his head as if experiencing an onslaught of stabbing pain. Brain-blistering vibrations rocked him as frightened screams pummeled his head and pierced his eardrums. Unable to prevent the madness from debilitating him, he was practically rendered

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