Force Me - The Princess

Force Me - The Princess by Marteeka Karland

Book: Force Me - The Princess by Marteeka Karland Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marteeka Karland
Tags: Erótica
    The Princess
    Mia eyed the muscular male bodies on display before her. As the only daughter of the Galactic Emperor, she had her pick of the pleasure stock in the known universe. Men from all across the quadrant came to offer themselves for her pleasure, not knowing or caring what it entailed. All of them hoped to please her enough that she'd take one for a mate. Unfortunately, Mia had no desire to give herself to one man only. She enjoyed the gratification found at the hands of two or three men. She often chose from the pleasure workers, but just as often, went looking for her own men. Men who had no idea who she was.
    Tonight was going to be one of those nights. She was edgy, horny. It was the beginning of her mating cycle, and the need for sex was overwhelming. Any male who was a part of her species knew that—accepted it as part of their genetic makeup to ensure the continuation of their race. Mia saw it as an inconvenience at best. Oh, she liked sex fine enough—loved it with the right partner, actually—but she hated not being in control. She was in control of every aspect of her life, and her sex life was no exception no matter how bad her need may get. She took partners of her choice to please her. Nothing else.
    Turning on her heel, she knew she wouldn't get what she was looking for here. All of these men were cattle. While she liked to be in control, she liked her men with a little fight to them. These had none. Curling her upper lip in a display of disgust, Mia stomped off, paying little heed to where she was actually going.
    “These won’t do,” she threw over her shoulder at her handmaidens. “Do better.”
    Gritting her teeth, she set out stars only knew where. She should’ve at least watched where she was going, but she was furious. Those nittering women knew better than to select such a sorry bunch of...
    “Ah, the little princess, and without her guard.”
    She couldn’t yell, couldn’t alert anyone as she was accosted from behind. A strong hand encircled her throat with steady pressure. Not enough to hurt, but had she even attempted a scream, all sound would’ve been cut off in an instant.
    “Unhand me," she hissed in her most imperial voice—well, whisper. “I'll have your head for touching me like this.”
    “And I, Princess, will have you. Just like this.”
    As much as she wanted to argue, to fight, another stronger hand cupping her breast over her gown stopped the complaint from escaping. It wasn't the grope of an untrained oaf. The hand closed around her nipple without touching the nub, gently massaging all around it. Her breast tightened, her nipple puckering in anticipation of a caress that didn't come. Mia gasped, attempting to pull away.
    “I don’t think so,” a gruff voice laughed into her ear. The body pressed against her back was so much larger than her own, and she was tall. The impressive erection against her lower back stirred her already burgeoning desires.
    What was this? How could some stranger inspire such feelings in a royal? She was no commoner to be impressed over brute force. And yet, as the masterful hand closed in on her nipple, finally adding pressure to the place all her nerve endings seemed to have felt, Mia let out a low groan, allowing her body to melt just a little against the solid frame behind her.
    “Mmmm, sensitive, aren’t we?” Stars, how she wanted to deny it, but she couldn’t. Before she could think of anything witty, he backed her away from the corridor and into the hangar.
    Throwing a cloth sack over her head, he tossed her over his shoulder and took off at a dead run. Mia sucked in a breath to scream, but a hard swat to her ass stopped her. She let her breath out in a whoosh, too startled to actually make a sound. His warning growl made her think better of trying again.
    Somewhere in the back off her mind, she knew she had precious little time to get away. If he got

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