Finding You (Finding You Series Book 1)

Finding You (Finding You Series Book 1) by Amanda Mackey

Book: Finding You (Finding You Series Book 1) by Amanda Mackey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Mackey
out and trudged through reception.
    Back in the confines of my hut, a thousand teardrops soaked my pillow and any residual mascara bled into the puddles. Sapphire Island had squeezed every emotion possible out of me in just a few short days. My vulnerability had ensnared me in a passionate moment with a stranger. It was too sudden. Now things had come full circle and my fragility was expanding.
    It suddenly dawned on me that the reason I was feeling so hurt was because I really liked Kyle. I mean, really liked! I’d thought he felt something too but obviously that assumption was false.
    Day merged into evening in a flurry of regret. How quickly events could morph. The love scene from that morning turned over and over in my mind until it nearly drove me crazy. I analyzed it from every angle, overthinking it. The old withdrawn Dakota was poking her head through, trying to distress the new, more confident one, so as a distraction, although I wasn’t the least bit hungry, I ordered dinner.
    When Ramah arrived, the first question she asked was, “Why Dakota, I thought you’d be going out with Kyle tonight?”
    “Well, it’s kind of a long story, but if you’ve got a moment to come in, I’ll tell you.” The caring woman had offered good advice before, so maybe she could do so again. Ramah appeared only too glad to try and help.
    “We had such a wonderful time last night,” I went on. “Everything seemed perfect and he made me feel like I was special. He suggested I go up and visit him on the set today and when I got there I found him doing a love scene with a very attractive blonde woman. He appeared to be enjoying it, too. When I left, because I couldn’t watch anymore, one of the crew offered me a ride back to the resort. On the way back he told me that Kyle and the woman are practically engaged!” My voice cracked but I managed to pull it together.
    Ramah set the tray down on the table and turned to me, a look of compassion spreading over her features. “My dear, you may be listening to a lot of gossip. The movie industry, from what I’ve heard, can be very fickle. I think you need to talk to Kyle and find out firsthand what’s going on. If you two got on as well as you say you did, then maybe this Gina woman is trying to cause trouble. As for them making love in the lagoon, it’s only a movie. That’s something you’ll have to get used to if this friendship blossoms into anything more. They’re both actors and very good ones, by the sound of it. They’re supposed to make the scene look as real as possible. I’m sure you’ve worked yourself up into a state for nothing. Now have something to eat and then go soak in the hot tub. You’ll surely feel better. But you must talk to Kyle. Don’t listen to any gossip unless he tells it to you himself. You two look so good together, it would be a shame to throw away something wonderful.”
    Talk about emotional turmoil. I came here to get away from all that and since arriving it’s been worse than ever before. Maybe I am being a little too harsh. At least I owe Kyle the decency to explain. I’ll just have to be prepared for the outcome. I came to this island with nothing, so I need to be prepared to leave with nothing.
    “Thanks, Ramah. I guess I owe him the chance to explain.” Like that would make any difference.
    “Are you sure you’ll be all right?”
    “Mmm, thanks.”
    Alone again, I sat and took the lid off the tray of food, revealing a burger and some fries. I knew I’d never finish it but popped a few fries in my mouth before taking a bite of the burger. I went over in my mind what Ramah had said. Her advice had been sound. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding with Kyle. Could I hope that to be true? God, I didn’t even want to go there. I needed to remain quietly cautious.
    Feeling more confused than ever, I shunned my dinner and decided to soak in the tub in the hope it may bring me some comfort. Turning the faucets on full and squeezing an

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