Fighter (Outsider Series)

Fighter (Outsider Series) by Micalea Smeltzer

Book: Fighter (Outsider Series) by Micalea Smeltzer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Micalea Smeltzer
Two of the guys, Shane and Kyle, were loading my gifts into the limo.
    “You better be happy we’re going to be there,” Tyler smiled. “We’ve got to wear suits and ties.”
    I shook my head.
    “I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow,” I waved as they headed down the street to their cars.
    “Come on Sophie,” Chris called from inside the limo. I ducked inside and pulled out my phone, remembering I heard it chime.
    It was a text from Caeden.
    Hope ur party is better than mine . We just hung out at my mom’s house. (no strippers, I promise) ;) Wanna see what Bryce got us?
    Sure. I text back.
    A second later , my phone beeped.
    It was a picture of a welcome mat that said: Nice Underwear. Only Bryce would be able to find something like that.
    Burn that. I said.
    Really? I thought it would make us the coolest neighbors on the block.
    We don’t have any neighbors for miles.
    Exactly. ;)
    Chris snatched the phone from my hands. “No texting lover boy.”
    “The party’s over,” I scrambled to get my phone back.
    “I don’t care,” she said and stuck my phone in her bra. Ew.
    “Chriiiiiiiis, that’s gross,” I pouted. “Geez, you could’ve at least stuck it in your purse.”
    “Ah, but then you might have risked sneaking it out. This-” she patted her top, “is a place you’ll never venture.”
    “You’ve got that right,” I grumbled and settled in for two hours of girl talk.
    * * *
    I pulled into Gram’s driveway, exhausted from the day. Even though my parents had moved back here , it had seemed silly to move my stuff to their place and then to Caeden’s and my house.
    I slid out of the car and grabbed my purse. I had almost made it to the door when the roar of a motorcycle made me turn around.
    The black monstrosity came to a stop and he pulled the helmet off of his head. He ran his long, tan, fingers through his wavy dark brown hair, before turning and giving me a dazzling smile. How did I get so lucky?
    He climbed off the bike and bounced up the walkway to me.
    “Hey beautiful,” he cupped my cheek. “I missed you today.”
    I leaned into his warm touch and a soft sigh escaped my throat. “I missed you too.”
    He smiled and licked his lips. “You know, I hear about people enjoying being away from their girlfriend, or in my case soon-to-be-wife, but I don’t feel that way. When you’re gone , it’s like I can’t breathe. It’s as if all of the oxygen has been sucked from the room and you’re my air supply.”
    I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him like I hadn’t seen him in years. Like I was starved for him, and in a way I was. I agreed with everything he just said and that’s why I didn’t need words to tell him, I just needed to show him.
    Pulling away, I ran my fingers over his scruffy cheeks.
    “Please , don’t shave for tomorrow,” I begged.
    He chuckled and the warm sound of it filled the evening air. “You really love my scruff don’t you?”
    “You have no idea,” I pressed my lips against his cheek.
    “I love you,” he nuzzled my neck.
    Before I could answer the door behind me swung open. I turned to find Gram and my mom.
    “Shoo,” Gram waved her hand at Caeden. “No more seeing the bride.”
    I blushed and turned back to Caeden. “I guess that’s my cue to leave,” he pecked me on the lips.
    “It is, boy,” Gram said and placed her arms on my shoulders. “The next time you see Sophie, she’s going to be walking down the aisle.”
    Caeden’s smile lit up his eyes. “I can’t wait.” Turning to me one last time, “This time tomorrow you’ll be my wife.”
    Butterflies descended on my tummy, as Gram and my mom ushered me inside.
    For the first time it really hit me.
    I was getting married.

    “Soph… Wake up… You have to wake up… it’s time to start getting ready,” someone shook my shoulder.
    I rolled over to find my mom leaning over me. Smiling, she said, “It’s the big day.”
    I sat straight up in bed and shoved

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