Festive Seduction: The Holiday Engagement Series

Festive Seduction: The Holiday Engagement Series by Sidney Bristol

Book: Festive Seduction: The Holiday Engagement Series by Sidney Bristol Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sidney Bristol
    Festive Seduction
    The last place Jade wanted her parents to find her on Christmas Eve was bound by a string of colorful lights, with a crown of garland on her head, wearing nothing but a pair of Ho-Ho-Ho panties and knee high striped socks.
    “No, you don’t have to check on us,” Jade said into the phone her long-time-boyfriend Philip held to her ear. Her hands were otherwise occupied with ornaments hanging from each finger on one side and a sprig of crumpled mistletoe in the other. The cabin smelled of evergreens and the pleasant aroma of burning wood.
    “But the power’s out and it’s snowing again. Are you sure you don’t want Dad to come get you two? It would only take him a couple of minutes, I’m sure.” Jade could picture her mother now, probably standing in the kitchen of the great house, staring out at the cabin Jade had claimed for her and Philip. Once every five years the family splurged on an extravagant holiday. This year included renting a mini-mansion and the outlying cabins for their entire extended family. Jade loved them, she just didn’t want them coming into the cabin at inopportune moments. Like now.
    Philip rubbed his icy cold thumb over her nipple, the corners of his mouth turning upward. God, she loved it when he smiled. He didn’t do it near enough for her tastes. She bit her lip and squirmed as much as her cheerful restraints would allow. She pulled her arms in close to her chest, muscles screaming for a little relief. The glass balls clinked together and Philip frowned. Inwardly she groaned. Obediently, she extended her arms as he’d directed her earlier and earned a slight smile.
    Patience was not in the man’s vocabulary.
    Her legs were bound, ankle to hip, by a string of lights raided from the tree someone had put up in the guest cabin. The rest of the strand was looped around her chest, for what purpose she wasn’t sure she wanted to know yet. Philip was nothing if not inventive. Jade twisted her upper body away from his grasp. If he kept playing with her nipple, she was likely to say something she’d regret where her mother could hear.
    I’m on the phone with my mother, she wanted to scream. But she loved the dare-devil in him. Loved that he was in a place to push boundaries once more. How he took the most taboo of moments and spun it on its head.
    “Jade? Are you there? Oh, where is your father?” The sounds of the family filtered through in the background. Jade was pretty sure she could hear the strands of White Christmas amidst the screaming children.
    “Mom, no, Philip had a question. Really, we’re fine. We’re so stuffed from that amazing Christmas Eve dinner you cooked, we’re about to go to bed anyway. The furnace is going, there’s a fire, we’re snug as a bug. Don’t bother Dad. Besides, we have snowmobiles up here, remember?”
    Part of the appeal for the holiday get away to Breckenridge for her and Philip was the opportunity for a little extreme snowmobiling. Plus the snowfall this season was killer awesome. Philip had already brought up the idea to potentially lengthen their stay to take advantage of the prime conditions. It wouldn’t be the helicopter snowboarding jumps they’d done last year, but Jade didn’t know if she’d ever be able to jump out of a helicopter again. Not after last Christmas.
    Philip grabbed the cord of lights looped around her waist and pulled her against him. The ornaments on her right hand clanked loudly, swaying back and forth with her movements. Her biceps and triceps were going to hate her tomorrow, but some part of her always complained after a great night with Philip. His brows drew down and his lips pursed, but his eyes, they danced with laughter. She’d missed that look. She couldn’t help but grin and rub her thighs together as warmth pooled low in her stomach. He did this to her. Philip was the only man she’d ever met who could get her to laugh and make her panties wet at the same time.
    “Oh, I don’t

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