Eternal Hearts

Eternal Hearts by Tamsin Baker

Book: Eternal Hearts by Tamsin Baker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tamsin Baker
Chapter One
    A whore’s blood was not his first
choice. They were malnourished and often abused, but this one was simply
delicious. Her blood was thick and sweet, well worth the money he had paid for
    Nathaniel sucked once more before
extracting his fangs from her neck. The whore’s heart had begun to slow. He
didn’t want to kill her. She would be a great source of blood in the future.
    The girl staggered away and turned
around to stare at him with horrified blue eyes.
    “You’ll be fine. You won’t die, and
you won’t become like me. Thank you.” Nathaniel bowed and smiled charmingly at
    A ghost of a smile lifted her lips
as she turned and ran for the brothel from whence he had obtained her.
    “I hope you didn’t fuck her, too.
She smelt like at least ten other men.”
    Nathaniel shivered despite the crude
words, his long-time lover’s whisper moving over his skin like a caress. He had
missed that voice, missed the feeling their connection gave him even more.
    He turned and smiled towards the
voice he knew so well. Normal human eyes wouldn’t be able to see the tall blond
vampire within the shadows. His eyes however, were not human.
    “Michael. Hungry,
my love?”
    Nathaniel moved closer, and his cock
hardened, the whore’s recently ingested blood increasing his already ravenous
    Michael, the blond bastard, smelt
divine to Nathaniel and tasted even better. Nathaniel didn’t stop moving
forward until he had pressed his whole body up against the other vampire, his
mate. Nathaniel moaned as his blood sang in recognition.
    He dropped his head and sucked
Michael’s beautiful bottom lip into his mouth. He grabbed Michael’s arse with
both hands and pulled him in tighter, grinding his hardening cock against his
long-time lover in welcome.
    Michael threw his arms around
Nathaniel’s neck and kissed him back. Michael thrust his tongue between
Nathaniel’s teeth, and Nathaniel groaned. Fuck, that felt so good .
    Michael turned quickly and reversed
their positions, pushing Nathaniel up against the solid stone wall and tearing
Nathaniel’s breeches open.
    “It’s been a while, Michael.”
Nathaniel panted, spreading open the flap on his breeches as his lover dropped
to his knees. It had been three hundred and two days, but he would never admit
to his lover than he had been counting.
    Michael looked up with a hungry
    “Too long.”
    Wet suction engulfed the end of
Nathaniel’s cock, and he moaned. His head fell back against the wall as he slid
his fingers into Michael’s hair.
    Michael moved on him with expert
rhythm, taking almost all of Nathaniel’s length into his mouth and cupping his
balls with a warm palm.
    Nathaniel felt his orgasm racing
down upon him. He gasped with the effort and pulled Michael’s head back,
forcing him to look up.
    “I’m going to come. Is that what you
    Michael shook his head and stood up,
opening his own breeches and exposing his long, thick cock.
    “No, I want to fuck you tonight.”
    Nathaniel’s balls throbbed with
having to wait, but his body tingled with anticipation. He dominated with all
other males except Michael. They shared the role, and each knew what the other
needed. Michael wanted him more tonight, and Nathaniel was happy to give it to
    Nathaniel turned around, braced
himself against the wall and dropped his head down on to his arms. He spread
his legs a little and waited for his lover.
    It had been months since he’d been
with a male and just under a year since he’d seen Michael. His arse was going
to be sore in the morning, but he didn’t care. His need for his mate had always
overruled any fear of discomfort. As he felt Michael’s lips press against his
arse he moaned in appreciation. Michael’s wet tongue rimmed his arse hole,
loosening him, preparing him.
    Nathaniel felt Michael’s love for
him flowing through their physical contact, and he shuddered to think of what
was to come.
    Nathaniel tilted his hips

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