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Authors: Tamsin Baker
invitation and soon felt two saliva-wet fingers sliding into him. He groaned
and bumped his hips against Michael’s fingers. It burned a little but soon
turned into a pleasant throb and then an ache.
    “Fuck me, Michael.”
    He spread his legs wider, groaning
in relief when he felt Michael’s cock at his entrance. Nathaniel pushed back,
eager for the feeling only Michael gave him.
    Michael’s strong hands gripped his
waist, and Michael thrust in, right to the root in one mighty push.
    Burning pain burst through him,
quickly followed by the most intense pleasure. No pleasure felt like the
pleasure a vampire received from their true mate. Michael was Nathaniel’s true
mate, and he thanked God for him every single day.
    “ Fuuuuuck ...”
Nathaniel squeezed his eyes shut and squeezed his arse tightly around his
lover. Nothing felt as good as sex with Michael. If only they could make their
relationship work as well as the sex.
    Michael’s deep voice moaned in his
ear before saying, “You better not have let anyone else in my arse.”
    Nathaniel moaned, ignored the
statement and moved his hips. He was aching for the deep arse fucking that only
Michael gave him. No, that he only allowed Michael to give him. No one else would do.
    His lover pulled back and thrust
deep again. Stars splintered on the edges of Nathaniel’s vision. Pleasure
tingled down the backs of his legs, but Michael had stopped again.
    “Tell me, Nathaniel, now!”
    Nathaniel let his head fall back so
that it touched Michael’s shoulder. He whispered to his lover.
    “You’re the only one who has ever
fucked me, Michael. And the only bastard who ever will.”
    Michael bit into his neck, the pain
sweet and possessive. His big vampire wanted all the words but never returned
them. That saddened Nathaniel, but he knew his lover’s limits. It was part of
loving Michael.
    Michael moved deep and fast,
thrusting in the exact right way to push Nathaniel over the edge in record
    Nathaniel put his forehead back down
on his arms and tilted his pelvis again. That was it. His balls tightened, and
his cock tingled.
    Nathaniel moaned aloud as his orgasm
swept him up, his seed shooting through him and out, blasting the wall, the
ricochet effect within his body just as huge. His legs shook, and he fell
forward. Michael fucked him deep one more time, then with a loud moan, pulled
out and came on the ground between them.
    Michael slumped onto him. His hot breath, sweat , and cum smells were designed to raise
Nathaniel instantly.
    Nathaniel turned around and pulled
Michael into his arms as they fell against the wall.
    “I have missed you so much, my
love.” He stroked Michael’s hair as his lover held him tightly.
    “I’ve been in France.”
    Nathaniel laughed and pushed his
lover off him, rearranging his clothes to cover himself again. Why couldn’t
Michael just say it back?
    “I’ve fed enough to last me for the
next few weeks. Do you need to? Or do you just want to come back to my place
and fuck to insanity for the night?”
    Michael rearranged his own clothes,
his cheeks pale.
    “I do need blood, but I’ll wait ‘til
    Nathaniel shrugged and slung his arm
over Michael’s shoulders.
    “Follow me.”
    Nathaniel took his long time lover
and friend home where they sucked each other dry before passing out in each
other’s arms to rest for the daylight hours.
    Michael woke first, his eyes still
slightly blurry from fatigue and hunger. He had refused to feed on any of the starving
people aboard the ship that had travelled from France, wanting nothing more
than to see Nathaniel.
    Why did it feel so perfect to be
together when that elusive missing piece was always there? It was cruel really.
    “Are you here for long?” Nathaniel’s
voice surprised him. Michael hadn’t realized his lover was awake.
    He turned onto his side and faced
the man he had loved for almost five hundred years. Nathaniel was as dark as he
was fair, but Nathaniel

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