Entranced (The Alpha Stranger) Book 3

Entranced (The Alpha Stranger) Book 3 by C.T. Sloan

Book: Entranced (The Alpha Stranger) Book 3 by C.T. Sloan Read Free Book Online
Authors: C.T. Sloan
Being naked and handcuffed to a bed is never comfortable. Trust me. I have one arm stretched over to the iron bed frame. My back is stretched out. My naked body is completely vulnerable. But, I couldn’t be in a better place. Right now, I am lying on my anonymous lover’s bed. He is getting undressed. This is my dream come true.
    “Do you know how many women I have had sleep over in that bed?” my lover asks.
    “How many?”

    “You will be the first.”
    Now, I am a proud little girl. As my lover strips off his underwear, I get a nice view of his strong naked body. He has a flat stomach that is not overly defined. He doesn’t look like he spends his life in the gym. He is just strong enough, fit enough and sexy enough to get me off on sight alone. My eye roams down to his cock. Oh, that wonderful toy that has brought me so much pleasure the past few weeks. His cock is big and thick. It’s the kind of cock whose size scares me just enough to make it exciting.
    My lover pulls my legs apart. He leans down and begins to run his tongue up my inner thigh. Dammit, he is so good at this. Right before I expect my lover to move that tongue right in-between my legs, he pinches my nipples. I let out a slight scream. Then he begins to lick my pussy like a true master of oral sex. I lift my ass up off that mattress. I push my hips right towards his mouth. That man makes me cry out. He runs that tongue up to my stomach and then begins to suck on my tits.
    “You have great tits. So perky,” my lover says as he bites down on one of my nipples. I use my free hand to feel his muscular back.
    “That feels so nice,” I tell the handsome stranger. He reaches up and begins to choke me as that tongue of his roams my body. I used to be scared of being choked. Now, I can’t imagine a night of fucking without a little pain on my neck. My lover sits up and places that hard cock right up against my pussy. He slowly pushes himself in while keep a strong hand around my neck.
    The deeper that dick goes inside of me, the harder the grip around my neck. I think my lover is being more aggressive since we are now in the cozy confines of his home. I could scream from the top of my voice and no one would hear me. I’m sure my lover is thinking the same thing. I begin to get fucked nice and hard. My lover releases the grip around my neck only to slap me across the face. It startles me. My anonymous lover fucks me faster and slaps me harder. He tries to slap me again and my free hand involuntarily stops him.
    “Oh you wanna fight?” my lover asks. He stops fucking me and grabs the key to the handcuffs. He frees both of my hands. We begin to play wrestle. I try to get on top of him. He is so strong that it’s hard for me to gain any advantage. So I slip out from under my lover and jump on his back. He is clearly startled. Well, my lover may be stronger but I am faster! I reach around and begin to pinch his nipples. “You are going to pay for that!” he exclaims as he reaches back and throws me off of the bed. I fall to the ground and hit the wooden floor pretty hard. As my lover climbs off of the bed, I find his belt on the ground. I grab that belt and quickly tie his ankles together. He falls to the ground. “What the fuck!” he yells. Now, I got him!
    My strong, tough anonymous lover is helplessly lying on the ground. I giggle as I sit right on his face and order him to, “lick me off.” I feel that warm, wet tongue work its magic between my legs. Oh fuck, he is too good at this. I arch my head back and play with my tits as I grind my pussy down on that mouth. My anonymous lover grabs my ass and continues to lick me off with every ounce of energy in his body. My eyes begin to roll into the back of my head. I moan. I scream. I cum so hard that I fall off of his face and roll onto my side. The handsome stranger laughs and claps his hands. “Looks like the tables are turned!”
    I hear my lover free

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