Ecstasy in Elk's Crossing (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Ecstasy in Elk's Crossing (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Robin Gideon

Book: Ecstasy in Elk's Crossing (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Robin Gideon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robin Gideon
Tags: Romance
as he thrust into her hard and fast….
    David had parked his car on a gravel road off the highway nearly a mile away. On his way back to the Mountain View Saloon, he’d had plenty of time to think about what he was going to say to Katie when he got her alone again. She had to be punished, of course. Severely so, in fact. But he was going to take her back into his life, into his arms. Seeing her again earlier in the day had reminded David of just how lovely she was. True, she was headstrong and more feisty than she had any right to be, but he intended to get that out of her system. All she needed was to learn a few lessons, and there wasn’t a better teacher for her in the world than David. He was certain of that.
    As he approached the saloon, tacking far to the north so that he could walk along the tree line and stay hidden in shadows, David was glad now that he’d shown the good sense to leave his car behind. He wanted to see how she behaved with the men he’d seen driving up. Was she flirting with them, the same as she’d flirted with the steak house customers back in San Francisco? He hoped not. Back then, he had been forced to slap her around some, just so that she’d learn the error of her ways. David didn’t want to slap her around for flirting with other men, though she would have to be punished for going to the police and getting him sent to jail for months.
    David’s shoes crunched softly against the gravel as he approached the saloon. He could hear the jukebox playing a country-western tune.
    Nothing but fucking rednecks out here.
    The thought made David feel better about himself. He liked knowing he was better than the men around him. He’d never doubted his supremacy back in San Francisco, and it certainly wasn’t in doubt here in some stinking shit hole called Elk’s Crossing.
    He heard the crack of billiard balls striking, followed immediately by several men giving some kind of primitive war whoop. It was difficult for David to figure out what Katie could be doing in a place such as this. There was nothing either country or western about her, and though she’d been slutty enough to flirt with the businessmen who came to the steak house, she wasn’t enough of a cunt to associate with manure-spattered cowboys. David was confident in his assessment of Katie because he’d always been picky about the women he fucked.
    David could feel his heart rate accelerate as he reached the saloon. He flattened his back to the wall, just to the side of a big window, and waited a moment, breathing in deeply a couple times to calm himself. Finally, very slowly, he turned so that he faced the building, and then moved inch by inch to the side until he could look in the window.
    He saw a handful of men in their twenties, wearing jeans and cowboy hats, standing around the billiard table. He looked toward the bar, but Katie wasn’t there. Movement to his left drew his attention. He hesitated, not wanting to step more directly in front of the window, knowing instinctively that for now he needed to keep his presence a secret from Katie.
    Katie was talking to a tall cowboy with a mane of sandy hair and a downturned mustache. David didn’t like the way she looked up at him. There was open affection in her expression. Soon, he’d have a talk with her about that. David realized he had a lot of teaching to do. He wouldn’t give her a black eye like he had in San Francisco. Too many people noticed a black eye. But if he put the bruises on her arms or legs or ribs, bruises that would be hidden by her clothing, then she’d learn her lesson, and he wouldn’t have a bunch of nosy bastards and prissy bitches asking questions that were none of their goddamned business.
    He watched as Katie took the cowboy by the hand and walked him over to the billiard table then gave him a firm push. The rest of the men moved closer to Katie. For a few seconds, as she was talking to the men, David’s view of her was blocked by one of the men,

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