Ecstasy in Elk's Crossing (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

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Book: Ecstasy in Elk's Crossing (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Robin Gideon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robin Gideon
Tags: Romance
but after a few seconds he took a step to the side. After that, though, David didn’t have a full view of what was happening.
    What the hell is she saying? She looks nervous. She also looks more friendly with those clod-hopping cowboys than she should. Damn, her tits look good. So do her legs and ass. I wonder if she’s lost some weight. He smiled at the thought. Probably went on a diet to get me back. I always said she needed to lose some weight if she wanted to keep me.
    He was looking at her profile, and the plump fullness of her breasts brought back memories of when he’d first set eyes on her at the steak house, and how he’d promised himself that the day would come when he’d fuck her. As with most of the goals he’d ever set for himself, he’d accomplished it. Fucking Katie had required more time, dinners, and sweet talk than he would have liked, but she eventually relented, and that was the important thing.
    Standing in the darkness outside the saloon, he wondered when next he’d fuck her. Soon, he decided. He deserved a good fucking, and she was just the bitch to give it to him. He was certain she’d come around to his way of thinking. She always did, except for that bit of foolishness when she called the police.
    David’s mind wandered a bit, thinking back on the police and what a crime it was that scumbags in blue uniforms should wrestle him to the ground and put handcuffs on him, so he didn’t at first notice that Katie was getting more than just a little “friendly” with the big cowboy. His jaw literally dropped when he watched her sink slowly to her knees as she opened his jeans and brought them down. The cowboy’s cock sprang out, and David could hardly believe his eyes.
    Was that really Katie on her knees, about to give some stinking cowboy a blow job? And she was going to do it with more cowboys standing around watching her!
    He watched, thunderstruck, as Katie starting licking the cowboy’s cock. Then she took him in her mouth, and David knew with all his heart and soul that he’d never seen a more disgusting thing in his life. There was the woman he had been about to bring back into his life, fully clothed but on her knees, slowly bobbing back and forth to perform what appeared to be a willingly given, sensual blow job.
    A thousand conflicting thoughts rocketed through David’s consciousness. The injustice of it was nearly enough to make him retch. Back in San Francisco, Katie had never shown much zeal in giving him head. She’d done it, but it was clear to David that it wasn’t an activity she much enjoyed. And now she was on her knees in the middle of a saloon, sucking some worthless cowboy’s cock while a bunch of other cowboys watched?
    That cunt has got a lot of lessons to learn!
    It was the sweep of headlights from a big Chevrolet Suburban that pulled David’s attention away from the saloon’s interior and back toward the highway. Suddenly illuminated the by headlights’ glare, his instinct for survival kicked in. Moving at an undignified run, he headed for the nearby trees, moving away from the headlights and the saloon, certain only that Katie had committed crimes against him. When he took his justifiable revenge for what she’d done, she might not live through her punishment.
    * * * *
    Katie was behind the bar and ready to grab beers out of the cooler by the time the men from the Square-B Ranch walked through the front door of the Mountain View Saloon. Garrett and Flynn were pretending to be in the middle of a game of eight-ball. The others had taken stools at the bar, and though they all gave a greeting to the men who entered, none of them stood.
    They’ve all got erections they’re trying to hide . She smiled her greeting to the four men from the Square-B Ranch. Was I really just giving Aaron a blow job while all his brothers watched me? Was I really doing that just a minute ago?
    “You’re looking sweet tonight, Miss Katie,” the Square-B foreman said as he

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