Dust to Dust: A Broken Fairy Tale

Dust to Dust: A Broken Fairy Tale by S. P. Cervantes

Book: Dust to Dust: A Broken Fairy Tale by S. P. Cervantes Read Free Book Online
Authors: S. P. Cervantes
marriage is irrefutably broken. He has made no effort to try to rebuild our relationship or even give me a chance to try to make things better between us. Deep down, I know that he has pulled away so much because there is someone else in his life. Someone who isn’t broken like me. I keep trying to tell myself it’s nothing serious, but I know it is. Marcus does nothing unless he is certain. He wouldn’t have left me if it wasn’t something he was sure about, and he wouldn’t be dating another woman if he wasn’t sure about her either.
    Marcus and I live apart in the city, but close enough that he can see the girls every day. Luckily he has refrained from bringing his girlfriend to my apartment after Holden nearly lost it on him the one time he tried. Holden had stopped by my place that night to take me to a movie, knowing how sad I get when the girls spend the weekend with Marcus. Apparently Marcus had decided he would bring his girlfriend with him to pick up the girls that night. Holden caught them before they made it to my door, and thankfully set him in his place. Of course, Marcus tried to defend himself by throwing my relationship with Holden in his face, but Holden didn’t let it fly. The truth is, there is nothing going on between us. Holden is still my best friend and nothing more, just how I want it. He’s even reignited his relationship with Bridgette once moving back into the city full-time, which gives me a lot of peace. I’m actually happy about that. Really, I am. My only focus right now is taking care of my girls and keeping them happy. Lately, it seems like every holiday is filled with sadness and I need to get us out of this rut we seem to be in. The girls couldn’t even trick or treat on Halloween because of Sandy. I am going to make sure that on this holiday, they don’t feel the emptiness in their heart that I am feeling.
    “Oh shit, Cam, get your ass in here and help me figure out what I did wrong!” Jess yells from the kitchen, taking me out of my somber thoughts.
    The fire alarm starts going off before I can reach her in the kitchen, making me take off in a full sprint. I turn to corner to see Jess fanning flames that are blazing on a pan she has on the stove. I run over to the stove and grab a baking sheet that is on the table and throw it on top of the flames. We both stand there silently for a moment before busting out laughing at the near disaster.
    My dad and mom come frantically running into the kitchen, followed closely by Dave, all with terrified looks on their faces, ready to fight the fire.
    “I told you we should have never let Jess in the kitchen,” Dave says, not needing anyone to explain to him that it is Jess who caused the alarm to go off.
    “Maybe I should take over in here.” My mom politely pats Jess’s shoulder and edges her out of the way. I can actually see calm wash over her at gaining back the control of Jess’s part of the dinner. My mom takes great pride in her Thanksgiving meals, and letting anyone else help was a big step for her to begin with. I am sure this incident will be used as an example for years to come.
    My mom has a satisfied grin on her face when she removes the baking sheet and dumps out the burned contents in the torched pan. “The guests will be here shortly. Why don’t you all go and make sure the front of the house is ready to go?”
    I have to admit that I am glad to be relieved of cooking duties. Since my mom has always insisted on controlling anything culinary-related growing up, it isn’t something that I’ve ever enjoyed. Last night, my mom and I made the stuffing together and baked a few pies. My job is done and now I can just enjoy the night and relax thanks to Jess’s cooking disaster. The only good part of my mom letting me help with the cooking this year is that it has helped to keep my mind off the fact that my girls aren’t with me, and Marcus never will be again. I must stay positive.
    I begin rearranging the napkins and

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