Dragon Aster Trilogy

Dragon Aster Trilogy by S.J. Wist

Book: Dragon Aster Trilogy by S.J. Wist Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.J. Wist
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult, teen
back, as if electrocuted by brilliance on her part. Cirrus wasn’t going to take away any of her victories, as she went back to bed and curled up under the blanket. But before his hopes could get any higher that she might actually stop long enough to allow him some time to think, her psi touched his.
    “Thanks. ”
    Cirrus was left curious to how she had found him out.
    “You made the water smell like lavender. ”
    I did not, Cirrus retaliated. Besides, humans can’t smell that well.
    “You should be purple. ”
    He rested his head against the door with the impossible amount of patience he had for her. Why should I be purple?
    “Because lavender is purple. ”
    I’m not purple or will be turning purple anytime soon. Are there no white flowers on Earth to compare me to?
    “Umm... ”
    Cirrus crossed his arms in anticipation of victory. There had to be a white flower on such a huge planet, somewhere.
    “Yeah, but daisies and wildflowers don’t really smell like anything. ”
    He dropped his head to his chest in defeat. First the terror known as the White Death, then Cursed and now a failed wildflower. Cirrus didn’t know how much more out-of-touch he could get with himself before he forgot who he was altogether.
    When he lost her psi for a moment, he soon found it again as her mind drifted closer to her Dreams and possibly some answer to what they should do next. Now if he could just stay one step ahead of her returning memories, he might have a chance against his fairy yet.
    He closed his eyes as he tried to separate the estus energy and its negative emotions from his soul. He didn’t need to search through its darkness for anything, anymore. Yet it still pulled his mind into a trance and into the Threads of memories from his past.
    He found himself before an intact Fay Wall and behind Nafury, as the dark brown, deformed dragon sat before it. His wings hung at his sides with un-healable tears throughout them, as if his Ancient was the survivor of a war that no one knew of. His back was deeply scarred with the lashings Simera had given his soul. They were severe enough to mirror onto his Ancient.
    The memory of the Prince’s face turned to look at him before he could somn. Nafury caught Cirrus’ look of pity before he could hide it in his dragon form. Not that it would matter now.
    ‘Can you see it? ’
    See what?
    ‘Our kind has struggled for centuries to gain the blessing of Aragmoth, yet he has done nothing but ignore our prayers. Even his wing tries to fold its touch away from us. ’
    You’re tired and need to rest.
    ‘If we brought the Asterian Caelestis here, he would not be able to ignore us any longer. This can be the only reason why I was made to look like this. It’s all a test. ’
    You are still beautiful, Nafury. Stop talking like you’re different.
    ‘I am not beautiful, and you can hide your soul within your somn all you want. I was old enough back then to remember what you look like. You insult me by thinking I can’t see your intent to try and make me feel better. ’
    That’s not true.
    ‘We are all beautiful in the eyes of those who love us, and I can feel your love for me more than anyone else’s. But if I had her love, then there would be no need for anyone to pity me. I would have everything I could ever need. Only fools look down on those blessed by Aragmoth, and she can set me free. Help me bring her here, Cirrus. ’
    The only way to her is the Gate in Mer City and she would die from the pressure.
    ‘Not if inside one of our somns. But she would never see past this deformed monstrosity I have been made into to give my love for her a chance. I can’t do it alone. ’
    Nafury just stop! It’s too dangerous, and I can’t—I won’t do this.
    ‘Then you are no different from the rest of them!’ Nafury snapped angrily back at him, bringing his teeth back

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