Dracula Unleashed

Dracula Unleashed by Linda Mercury

Book: Dracula Unleashed by Linda Mercury Read Free Book Online
Authors: Linda Mercury
the Wheel, attempting to earn his penance. Perhaps because those were the tastes that spoke of home and love to his beloveds.
    She licked between his fingers, teasing the webbing at the base. Lance pulled them in and pushed them in, caressing her tongue.
    â€œMm,” she sighed. Her eyes still closed, she sucked his digits. Her suction encouraged his blood to pool in his fingertips. His veins pulsed against her lips and palate.
    With his free hand, Lance unbuttoned her shirt, slowly exposing her skin to the fresh air. She had neglected to put on a bra before he teleported her. Her nipples grew even more erect as he bared her to the gaze of the heavens.
    She nibbled his fingertips. Removing her hands from his wings, she clasped his hips and dragged him closer. Valerie kneaded the hard muscles she found there.
    He ground against her ass. “Touch me,” he ordered.
    Ever so gently, she ran a fang along the side of his index finger. A tiny line of blood opened.
    â€œI am touching you,” she whispered around his makeshift gag.
    He curled his free hand around one breast. Curling his abs, Lance dry-humped her. She threw her hands out, catching herself on the low wall of the shelter’s roof. The movement tipped her pelvis so he rubbed against her hot vulva. His cock urged him to go faster.
    â€œPerfect,” he grunted. He withdrew his hand from her mouth and slapped her upturned ass. The sound sung like a gunshot in the night.
    â€œWhat the fuck?” she hissed, annoyed but aroused by his unusual aggression.
    â€œTaking what I want,” he said, uncaring if all of downtown Portland heard them.
    The PNCs that circled the shelter looked around, searching for the sound’s origin.
    Fortunately, PNCs were much more accepting of lust than mortals. Those on patrol smiled to each other and ignored the growling above.
    She struggled against his grasp. Lance knew if she was truly panicking, even though she wouldn’t call it that. She was testing him, just as he was testing her.
    Lance was stronger than she was. But was he strong enough to help her with the visions that ruined her sleep?
    Lance subdued her, his arm wrapped around her shoulder and neck in a half nelson. He pushed until she bent all the way over, her bare chest resting on the half wall.
    â€œYou cannot hide from me,” he warned.
    Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” broke the tension. The front pocket of Lance’s pants vibrated against her exposed hip.
    â€œIt’s John.” Lance released her, allowing her to rotate toward him.
    She chafed at his bossiness, but he was answering the call.
    â€œAh, mon homme et mon chou.” John’s image came through the small screen. “I see I have called at just the right time.” The purr of sex in his voice told them exactly what John was thinking. His face was flushed, his voice breathing the endearments directly to their genitals. Valerie’s clit grew heavy and hot. Lance ground his bigger erection against her mons.
    â€œI was just thinking of you both,” John continued. He tipped his phone enough for Valerie and Lance to see his nude body.
    â€œI see we are on the same page,” Lance murmured, his voice a silky rumble next to Valerie’s ear. His breath sent goose pimples down her arm, brightening her aura with his angel’s touch.
    â€œMmmm,” John exhaled as he stroked his thighs, framing his cock for their viewing pleasure.
    Valerie’s vagina swelled and poured moisture onto her thighs. That was the noise he made when she tightened her grip on his beautiful penis.
    â€œWould it not arouse you to be forced to watch our ange and I delight each other?” John’s French accent blurred his words together until they ran together like liquid heat. Valerie’s nipples tightened further.
    Lance ran his thumb over her breasts, molding and pinching her sensitized skin.
    She pressed her ass against Lance’s crotch.

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