For letting me in.”
    I frowned at that, then pulled him into a hold. “It was good to let you in,” I said and brushed his lips with mine.
    “Hmmmm.” Eyes closed, he licked his lips. “Letting me in...” He shivered, then pulled away with a smile. “Speak to you tomorrow,” he said, heading for his car. “And you, well, you take care, Jack.”
    What else had he gone to say then? “You too, Jan.”
    I closed the door and hell if I didn’t have a smile of my own as I leaned back against the door. The world became a little lighter. Feeling tired, I went back into the kitchen and started to clean up. It was getting on for ten, going by the kitchen clock, and my body started to feel it now. The rest of the trays went in the bin, the cutlery in the dishwasher, and I stretched and gave a yawn.
    After a quick wipe over of the table, my units, beer bottles put in the recycling, I turned down the lights and headed off to bed. It was still too hot for covers, so I peeled off my jeans and opted for just my boxers as I lay on the bed. The drawer had been open when I came up, a sure sign Jan had been in here, and I smiled at the thought of him finding his way around my things.
    “Punishment incurred, Jack.”
    I tensed.
    “But real good choice in partner, Jack. Sexy. Loved the no shirt, just jacket look.”
    I felt sick. Very fucking sick. “You leave him out of this. I wore your fucking cock ring.”
    Light breathing. It wasn’t mine. “Ah, but you came, Jack. And if Fear doesn’t Encourage Aggressive Rebellion, don’t...”
    I waited. “What?”
    My breathing was the only sound as I listened for a finish to the conversation. Nothing was given; and I don’t know how long I lay there waiting before sleep finally pulled me under.

Chapter 9
Don’t... Bleed
    “Coffee, boss?”
    My knuckles caught the brunt of the gearbox, and I cursed as the spanner clattered to the floor. “Fuckssake. What?” I snapped back at Sam, ignoring the graze and wishing I could ignore the engine too. No way I was going to stand there sucking on my fingers like a bloody schoolboy, not with bloody rubber gloves that tasted worse than bloody condoms.
    “Coffee.” A mug wafted coffee under my nose, and I grabbed it, mumbling a sulky thanks. It tasted damn better than it looked, and I deliberately sighed away some tension.
    Jan hadn’t phoned this morning. I hadn’t put him down as a Gray, to deny contact to get a point across.
    “So.” Sam stood close to the main hoist whose chains hovered over my engine. “You thought about getting yourself a decent bird, boss? You know, ease some of this tension?”
    Great, that was all I fucking needed. I glanced at him over my coffee, and Sam rested his ass against the wing of the car I worked on. He was well within hitting distance.
    “Don’t you have enough shit in your own life to be worried over mine?” I was hopeful he’d get the hint and get back to work; Christ knows everybody else was except him.
    Sam shrugged and took a sip of his tea. He shifted his ass against the car as if it were a bed he sought comfort in. “I get bored real quick.”
    “You’ll be fired real quick unless you get your ass off this car and back to work.”
    He nodded, this brother mechanic thing that only he ever seemed to understand. “Well, I’m just, y’know... all that tension and aggression. You just need to get laid boss. I have a friend—”
.” Steve poked his head out of the bonnet of another car, so did a few of the other guys. “Get your goddamn skinny arse back to work. You don’t talk like that to the boss.”
    He actually pouted. He’d put my sex life on display, and
was pouting. “But you lot know about my shit.”
    “Only because you tell us,” Steve, me and just about everyone else in the garage chorused together. I think even one of the customers from in reception joined in too.
    “Well, yeah,” said Sam, waving them off. “So.”
    “So?” said Steve.
    “So you

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