DOMINATED BY THE WEREBEAR (Steamy Shifter Paranormal Romance)

DOMINATED BY THE WEREBEAR (Steamy Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Nikki Wild

Book: DOMINATED BY THE WEREBEAR (Steamy Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Nikki Wild Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nikki Wild
    Sawyer stared straight ahead in the passenger seat of her rental car, his breath low and even.  His predator's eyes were drawn into slits, either in boredom or amusement, Kelly Ann wasn't sure. 
    Her heart pounded so loudly she was sure he must be able to hear it. The rush of confidence that had made her so bold at the club was now fading as she realized what she was doing.
    She was taking a man she had never met, a man she knew nothing about, back to her hotel room. For a while it had seemed like playacting, but now she realized that what she was doing was real...and entirely crazy.
    As if to remind herself of what had drawn her to him in the first place, she swallowed hard and laid her hand on his thigh. She tried to make the motion seem completely casual and not something that was completely out of character for a mousy payroll tech.
    The rock hard muscles under his faded jeans caught her by surprise.  He felt like an athlete, cut from stone.  She rubbed her hands over the worn denim, stroking her fascinated hand absently.  He felt amazing under her palm, primal and powerful and as immobile as a mountain. She shivered, feeling the flush creep up her neck and flood her cheeks.
    Something else flooded too. Kelly Ann shifted in the driver's seat, pressing harder on the gas pedal. This ride was taking way too long, she was about to lose her nerve.
    Sawyer looked at her, and out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw his nostrils twitch. Like he had caught the scent of something. Kelly found herself wondering maniacally if he could smell the dampness in her panties.  If he could smell...her.
    Then Sawyer moved.
    He lifted her hand disdainfully from his thigh and placed it deliberately on the steering wheel. He stared straight forward, slipping a hand under her skirt and brushing up the soft skin of her inner thigh.  Boldly, and without asking, he lifted the skirt higher, exposing her thighs all the way to the crease.  Kelly gasped when his hand brushed against her thong and her cheeks flamed.  She jerked the wheel violently, almost missing the turn.
    "Don't kill us now," Sawyer piped up lazily, his words at odds with his busy fingers.  He ran his fingers along the outside of her panties, and then let his finger slip under the delicate fabric, barely brushing her sensitive clit. Oh God she wanted more! It could almost have been by accident, except he touched her lightly again and again.  Kelly shifted and squirmed in the driver's seat, trying to keep her focus on the road.  No, this was definitely out of her comfort zone.  She opened her mouth to say so, to say that maybe all of this was a mistake. She would turn the car around, bring him back to the club, apologize for wasting his time and go back to her hotel room to sit with her Kindle and her fingers like she did most nights.
    But her protests died on her lips when she felt how her traitorous body was responding to him. The faster she drove, the faster Sawyer's fingers moved.  Kelly had to suppress a groan as he probed the soft folds.  He slipped a finger downward and her hot, wet, traitorous pussy enveloped it eagerly and welcomed it inside.  She squirmed, unable or perhaps unwilling to get away from the quicksilver sensations he was forcing from her secret place.  "Yes," she groaned.
    "I thought for a moment you might be having second thoughts…" 
    His voice was as matter-of-fact as if he was dictating a business memo. She tried to keep herself focused on the road.
    "I… Uh…." Her protests died away as his thumb found the hard nub of her clit and pressed down.  Her hotel was only three minutes away, but Sawyer didn't even give her that much time.  He moved his thumb quickly, pressing into her almost painfully.  The shock of his boldness intensified the already heightened sensations and she felt herself losing control.  Yanking the wheel to the right, she

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