climax, arching back to take Tobias deep, grunting and starting to tremble. "Good. Oh, God, so good..."
    Grunting, Tobias pulled out completely, leaving Noah to cry out for an instant before slamming back in, going deep.
    "Again, again!" Noah screamed.
    Tobias did it again, waiting until Noah was moaning from feeling empty before pounding into him. "Take it," he groaned. "Take my cock." The third time he pulled out, he shoved a finger in along with his cock.
    Noah shouted, and his hips started to jerk as he finally came, shooting his musk-scented spunk all over the study floor. He tightened around Tobias like a vice. "Oh, fuck, yes, yes!"
    Tobias would have shouted his agreement, but he could barely breathe. He rocked steadily through Noah's orgasm, letting it milk his cock, letting Noah's ass massage his dick until he came hard enough that he saw spots. "Oh, God," he finally managed to say, trying not to fall onto Noah's back. "Jesus Christ."
    Noah groaned and collapsed over his own knees, panting harshly. It was a couple of minutes before he was able to speak, and the first words out of his mouth were about his fingers. "Sir... lamp cord..." he grunted.
    Tobias swore and pulled out, falling to the side as he reached for the cord. "Damn it!" He tugged and Noah's hands came away from the desk, and in another moment he had them free and was massaging the wrists. "Move your fingers for me," he demanded. There wasn't much discoloration, but he'd get the arnica in a moment and some ice. "Are your fingers numb?"
    Noah moved them. "They're fine. I'm fine." He leaned into Tobias and gave him a reassuring smile. "They were just now starting to go numb. I'd have used my words if I needed to, I promise. I'm fine." Noah leaned up and kissed him, and Tobias could feel Noah's heart pounding in his chest.
    "Okay. We'll take care of it anyway, though." Tobias kissed him back, adrenaline racing. "God, that was good," he breathed. "Better than I thought it would be."
    "Fucking hot." Noah grinned. "You're a dirty old pervert. I, of course, had no idea I was such a slut."
    He winked.
    Tobias laughed. "I did. From the first moment, I knew. My slut."
    "Yes, sir. Your slut, your whore, whatever you want to call me, I'll answer to it." He was grinning broadly.

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    "Good." Tobias grinned back at him. "Let's start with 'pet,' and add on 'clean this up after I see to your wrists,' shall we?"
    Noah glanced around at the wrecked office so smugly it almost made Tobias laugh. "Yes, sir."
    "Yeah, yeah, you did good." Tobias kissed him again and slapped his ass. "I think that's a keeper, boy.
    And the shirt is yours." Boy, was it his. Tobias smiled and took one more kiss from his slut before finally getting up and going for ice.
    He didn't even care if the lamp was broken.

Chapter 7
    This week, Noah had added "fatten up Phan" to his list of things to do. Tonight was comfort food --
    grilled cheese, fries, and chocolate milkshakes for dessert. How much really got eaten remained to be seen, but he had a plan. He'd talked to Bradford earlier in the day, just to touch base and make sure it was okay for them to get together, and Bradford told him nothing was going to stop Phan from visiting; he'd been talking about it for a full day. Bradford did ask that Noah try to keep his tone respectful, that Phan was still getting used to curbing his speech again. Easy enough to do.
    The doorbell sent Noah jogging to answer it.
    "Hello," he said, smiling at Phan as he opened the door.
    "Hi," Phan said, his smile almost shy. The smile made Noah realize he'd actually missed Phan of late.
    "Um. Brought flavored water this time. Bradford said that whatever you had would take care of the caffeine, and he wants me sensible in the morning." The smile widened. "This stuff is loaded with sugar."
    Noah grinned. "You're a nut. Come in. Give me your coat. There's comfort food in the kitchen."
    Phan tugged his

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