Between Love & Fire (Backstage #1)

Between Love & Fire (Backstage #1) by Dani René

Book: Between Love & Fire (Backstage #1) by Dani René Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dani René
words had my pussy pulsing with an ache that needed to be sated. He readjusted the front of his jeans. The thick hard ridge behind his zipper had me licking my lips. Every time we are together it becomes more difficult to let him go. We slipped on our helmets and took off down the motorway back towards the city.
    Fifteen minutes later we pulled up to the house. I pretty much live here now. Being in his home calmed me. Even with the flutter of staff and the music, it was homely. As if you are always welcome. No matter who you are or what you do.
    The living room is desolate when we step inside. It’s so unlike the normal weekdays. I glance into the studio as we pass, and notice it’s vacant too. Everyone must have gone out. The weather was incredible.
    “I guess there’s still leftovers. Unless you wanted something else? I am not sure what’s in the fridge.” I follow him into the kitchen.
    “It’s fine. I remember there was pasta salad that Ki and I made yesterday.”
    He nodded opening the silver door and peering inside. “Get plates, baby.” Grabbing the two plates, I set them on the counter. The large bowl was almost finished. Liam was at it again.
    “So, Hayes, do you always take your staff out on romantic balloon trips?” I ask, taking glasses from the overhead cabinet.
    “Only the beautiful ones.” A mischievous wink in my direction makes me blush.
    “Look, Petal,” he rounds the counter and saunters up to me. Circling his arms around my hips, he tugs me against his rock hard body. “I like you. You’re gorgeous. You are a cheeky little minx. I love your sassy mouth and I need to be with you.” Without another word, he leans in, his face inches from mine. “I want you. Say yes. You can't tell me you don't feel it. I can see it in your eyes.” His warm breath is sweet and I crave to taste him. I want to respond, but no words come out. “Give us a chance?” The pleading in his eyes tugs at my heart.
    My slow nod confirms my agreement. With that, his mouth crashes on mine. His lips are warm and soft. I whimper with a yearning unknown to me. He could bend me over this table right now and I would comply. My mouth opens to him, giving him access I know he seeks. It’s instinctive. I need this. I need him. Against my better judgment, I let him take me.
    His tongue slides in and out, fucking my mouth. The action causing me to squirm, squeezing my thighs together to dull the ache. The kiss is not hurried, but slow and sensual. Those strong hands wander to my hips, gripping my ass, hoisting me against him. Placing me on the dinner table, he steps between my legs. I tangle my fingers through his hair, tugging him closer.
    A slight moan escapes my lips, and he swallows every whimper. The hard ridge in the front of his pants presses against my pulsing core. A rough growl rumbles in his chest. His hips thrust forward, and his cock rubs against my heated pussy. The aching eases at the contact. I want him inside me. I need him inside me. He steps back and breaks the kiss. “You feel so perfect, Petal. I don’t think I could control myself if that happens again.” His voice is low, raspy and filled with need.
    “I know. I…” Glancing down, heat spreads over my face. Callum’s warm hands cup my face making me to look up at him. The soft pads of his thumbs swipe my cheeks softly.
    “You’re beautiful. We can take it slow. I don’t want to scare you off.”
    “Okay. Slow.” I offer him a smile. A noise from the living room startles us, and Callum jumps backward.
    “Callum! Are you here?” Kierra calls out.
    “In the kitchen.”
    As soon as she walks into the kitchen, her face is one of excitement. A smile curves her lips, and she shakes her head in disbelief. “You two sneaky shits.” She strides to the fridge. Grabbing a bottle of icy water. We both watch her like she’s the entertainment.
    “What do you want Kierra?”
    “I needed to check on you. Find out how the songs are

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