Dirty by Eve Vaughn

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Authors: Eve Vaughn
attention she craved, he nibbled and licked her inner thighs sending a trail of liquid fire along her nerve endings that made her toes curl. He kissed all around her pussy, avoiding it.
    Simone wiggled uncontrollably from the need to have his mouth on her. “Please.”
    Paul raised his head with a mischievous gleam in his blue gaze. “So eager for it , aren’t you ? Tell me how much you want this. Tell me you want my mouth on your cunt.”
    “No, you have to ask for it properly.”
    “I want you r mouth on me, Paul. I can’t stand it.”
    He leaned forward and pressed his lips against her wet passage. She jerked and writhed in response to the intimate touch of his mouth. “You’ve been bad Simone and bad girls don’t get rewarded. I think you need to be fucked. Hard.” Kneeling between her legs, he placed on e leg over his shoulder.
    “Condom,” she gently reminded him.
    “Oh, don’t worry, I’ve got us covered.” He dug into his pants pocket and pulled out a small silver packet. “You didn’t think I’d take you unprotected ? I probably have more cause to worry about you than you do from me. I’m not the one who likes back alley fucks.”
    If he would have thrown a bucket of ice water on her, it wouldn’t have had any greater an affect than his casually thrown insult. And the sad part was, he probably didn’t realize how hurtful his statement was. The desire that she felt only seconds before slowly ebbed away, but she didn’t stop him as he ripped the condom packet open and pushed his pants low enough to set his cock free. Simone didn’t get a chance to appreciate the length and the size of him before Paul sheathed his cock with the condom before placing it at against her slit.
    “You’re so slick and ready for me that you needed little prep because you just can’t get enough , can you ?”
    Simone wanted to ask him why he was saying these things but thought it best to keep her feelings inside. Paul slid inside of her with one smooth thrust , stretching her walls beyond what she was accustomed to. His thickness to ok her by surprise.
    “You like that don’t you , Simone ? You’ve have been waiting for this.”
    She closed her eyes against the smug satisfaction on his face. She bit her lip to keep herself from crying out because as much as she wanted to dislike this after what he’d just said, she didn’t. Having him inside of her somehow felt natural , like this was how things were supposed to be. But the way he’d talked to her, made Simone realize she was just a random pussy for him .
    She wasn’t sure how long they lay locked together, with Paul buried so deep inside of her, she could feel him in every single inch of her body . But as the silence stretched and he didn’t move, she opened her eyes to see why he hadn’t.
    “That’s right, keep your eyes open because when I take you, I want you to know it’s me. I want you to scream my name at the top of your lungs and I want you to tell me how much you like being fucked like this by me .” He pulled back until just the tip was inside of her and then shoved himself back into her with a force that robbed Simone of breath.
    She braced herself for another assault but instead he slid back in nice and slow , hitting her spot just the right way. A whimper escaped her lips and Paul moved back and forth, gently at first. He reached between her legs and plucked her clit which sent a jolt of desire bursting within her. Paul captured her swollen button between his thumb and forefinger without missing a bit.
    “You’re so fucking tight. You were made for this. Made for fucking. Your cunt fits around my cock so tight and you’re leaking all over the place , aren’t you?”
    “Paul,” she whimpered, wanting to tell him to stop speaking. It was better when he didn’t because then she could actually pretend that he actually had a shred of respect for her.
    “That’s right. My name is Paul. Not some nameless guy in an alley, not

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