Desire - Erotic Short Story

Desire - Erotic Short Story by Jenna Blu, Kat Von Wild

Book: Desire - Erotic Short Story by Jenna Blu, Kat Von Wild Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenna Blu, Kat Von Wild
    Erotic Novella
    This book contains sexual content that is suitable for mature audience only.
    Published and Copyright 201 3 by Jenna Blu and Kat Von Wild
    This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and strictly fictional.  All persons, places or incidences are cre ative endeavors of the author.
    This eBook may not be re-sold or given away to other people.
    This copy is a Kindle KDP version.
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    Desire comes in all forms yet when a deep longing is so sexually heightened, one woman does all she can to fulfill it.
    When something is in Cassandra's way, she will get through the barriers anyway she knows how.  She worked her way to the top of the corporation only to be cut clean by the glass ceiling.  Now she is the owner of her own company, and her competition is her old employer.  The only thing stopping her from taking them down is her maddening desire to sexually devour their new CEO.  Somehow convincing herself that once she has taken him down, between her legs that is, she will cut him loose and take down the very company that tried to demolish her career.
    The clock stroke one hour to midnight with a distinguishable chime from the antique furnished waiting area just outside the boardroom.  The deal had to be signed at midnight in order to take effect.  Cassandra's company was purchasing her old employer, Briddle Bags, a large corporation that sold expensive leather designer bags and luggage to only the elite boutiques around the world.  They only became elite and quality when she ran as vice president of merchandising; that was then.  Now, she owned and operated the competition and her offer to operate their global line was on the table.
    Logistics will let them have their brand carry on exclusively quiet while behind the scenes, she would be the true owner.  It was sweet revenge served on a platter for what those boys did to her at the prime of her career.  She had worked double time for them but when it came to revenge, she worked triple time and with some of the best lawyers and financial planners in the states to figure out how she could start a company and take over a competitor in five years, but she did it.  Nothing stops Cassandra when she wants it.
    She took a quick glimpse into the large golden framed antique mirror placed decoratively above a gorgeous cherry wood antique table.  She reapplied her dark-red lipstick to her poised lips as she stared back at a woman once scorned and now about to be the most successful woman in the luxury bag business.  Her light blue-grey eyes sparkled with mischief; her tan completion shined with excitement.  She reached in her small black leather bag and dusted her face with powder quickly to absorb the nervous sweat.  Her sultry eye makeup was made up to entice her suitor, the man who had haunted her fantasies since the day they met five years ago when he took her job.  Marc Briddle.  Great grandson to the original owner, recent graduate of Harvard and the very reason she was asked to step down when she worked for them five years ago.
    Here he was now, five years older and sexier than the day she set eyes on him as she walked out of her office with escorts.  Back then, he looked pained with his expression and mouthed the words, 'I'm sorry' her way as she walked out that day five years ago.  Back then, she wanted to show him sorry in so many hurtful ways.
    Now, five years later with a successful competitor friendship under her wings, she wanted to fly right past him.  What stopped her was his sexy innocent smile as he looked at her one day over a coffee.  He had a proposition that matched one that she had been working on for years.  He wanted to sell her the majority of the division of his great grandfathers company.  She would take her Yale degree and shove it up his Harvard ass.  That was until he touched her hand with his and spoke earnestly about wanting to ask

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