Deeds (Broken Deeds #1)

Deeds (Broken Deeds #1) by Esther E. Schmidt

Book: Deeds (Broken Deeds #1) by Esther E. Schmidt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Esther E. Schmidt
shopping for clothes, but for little boys. Someone places an order and these fuckers go and get it, or rather him. They train the boy to submit and then sell him."
    Deeds’ eyes stay on me. The only thing moving is his chest, rising and falling. It feels like an eternity passes before he moves closer to the bed, sits down and drops his head in his hands. "I can't believe you just said that. Somewhere deep down I had a feeling. Fuck! You saying it out loud. I can't. It's just. We never found a connection. They aren't in the same school, playground, sports or other activities. Nothing."
    "Well, there is something. Something that connects them. I mean, they took this kid from his home, Deeds. It's like they know where they are and what moment to take them. Seriously, I need all the information. It's there, I just know it!"
    "I'll get you the tapes tomorrow, Hotlips. You can go through the interviews. I hope to God you find what you’re looking for."
    Thankful for his support, I lean over to place a soft kiss on his back and whisper thanks. Picking up all the papers and placing them in the file, I stand and walk out of the bedroom. I set the file on the kitchen counter and grab another bottle of water before I return to the bedroom.
    Deeds is lying on the bed, naked. One of his arms is flung over his face so he can't see me enjoying the view. I know he's beat and by the movement of his chest I can tell he's almost asleep. His dick is resting on the inside of his leg. I swear it's calling out to me. Grabbing my bottom lip with my thumb and finger, rolling one of my snakebite piercings between it, I contemplate. I'm fucking itching to take him into my mouth and it's driving me insane. Fuck it.
    Slowly, I place one knee on the bed. It dips slightly under my weight. Deeds doesn't move, and I'm sure he's already sleeping. This gives me some strength for what I'm about to do. Moving my other leg to the bed, I bringing my knees together and lean forward. Putting one hand between his legs for balance as I let my tongue slide from base to tip. Oh, shit. Feeling every vein under his smooth skin excites me and I feel the need to repeat myself. Grabbing hold of his dick with one hand while I still balance on the other, I take him into my mouth.
    My eyes close at the sheer joy of his taste. Either I'm very turned on by what I’m doing, or he just tastes fucking perfect. I take him a bit deeper and suck hard when I pull up. I let my tongue piercing slide along the sensitive part, right near the tip. A hand goes into my hair and I feel his grip tighten. Deeds pushes his hips up while his hand in my hair is guiding my head down.
    "Fucking hell, Hotlips. Yeah. Oh, Fuck. I knew you would live up to your name. Damn woman, you know how to fucking use that mouth of yours. Sweet fucking, tight little hot lips swallowing me whole."
    He pushes down deeper. My minds starts to panic while I try not to gag since he's huge and pushing himself down as far as he can go. When he pulls out, I block the back of my throat with my tongue, and the tip of his dick hits my piercing. Sucking hard, I hollow my cheeks while I tighten my lips around his dick. Making it hard for him to pull out, the mushroom head of his dick almost gets stuck by the tightness of my lips as he trusts back into my mouth. He growls out loud.
    "Dammit, I won't last long. That mouth of yours has more special effects than I could ever dream of. Do that shit again, love."
    His hand slides down my back, leaving my body for a moment before it lands down hard on my ass. Shocked by the fact he just smacked my ass, and thinking he's fucking lucky I didn't bit off his dick, he rubs away the sting and I can't help but moan. The vibration in my mouth shoots through his dick and has him sharing my moan while he keeps thrusting into my mouth. He pumps his hips two more times before lowering his hand between my legs.
    My pussy is begging for his touch. With one finger, he slides through my folds,

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